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Another Score for Small Business CRM: Zoho Reports Moves out of Beta

Today, Zoho announced the production release of Zoho Reports, their online reporting and business intelligence tool. Zoho CRM products are wholly web-based, and Zoho Reports emerges with a new pricing model and features after two years in beta. It was formerly known as Zoho DB, and it facilitates data analysis for database administrators and developers. […]

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BatchBook Extends The Reach of Small Business CRM

BatchBook has always been positioned a small business CRM company, and with some recent additions to their product, they may begin changing what that CRM segment is all about. The co-founders of the three-year-old company are in awe of the capabilities social media provide, and one of their recent platform updates is a social contact […]

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SugarCRM Goes Commercial in The Enterprise Content Management Space

SugarCRM announced today that their partnership with KnowledgeTree and iNetProcess will take them to the commercial enterprise content management (ECM) space. SugarCRM is known as a leader in open-source CRM offerings, and KnowledgeTree is an ECM provider that focuses on affordable document management software (DMS); iNetProcess is a European provider of services around open source […]

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Intuit Adds More to The Small Business CRM Space with Intuit Customer Manager

Intuit Software announced last month that they’ll be expanding their reach in the small business CRM space, this time with Intuit Customer Manager. Intuit is best known for its accounting and finance software, like Quicken and Quickbooks, but this latest addition puts the company in direct competition with CRM chiefs like and SugarCRM. Naturally, […]

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Hooray for tibbr! TIBCO Cuts The Noise With A Twitter-Like Tool for Enterprise

With the recent releases of social-networking platforms for enterprise (see: Salesforce Chatter, SugarCRM Cloud Connects and Social Feeds), the influx of social-media tools for business is unsurprising, but watching it all unfold is quite a treat. This week, TIBCO Software announced that next year they’ll be launching tibbr, a social-feed service that apes Twitter. tibbr […]

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iPhone CRM in 2010: Predictions

The end of 2009 is upon us, and as with every year’s end, research firms, bloggers, and others are weighing in on what they expect will be big in the future. Analyst firm IDC released a compendium of their 2010 predictions earlier this week, and it will likely not surprise most readers that one of […]

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SugarCRM Ups The Ante for, Releases Cloud Connects and Social Feeds

SugarCRM released a broad upgrade today, and some of the features resemble those found in’s newest offerings. SugarCRM 5.5 features a number of real-time functionalities, but their main achievements are a service called “Cloud Connects,” and Social Feeds. Cloud Connects is a third-party web integration with LinkedIn, Jigsaw, and Hoovers, which touts social feeds […]

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Zoho Adds Another Integration, This Time It’s for Google Docs

For companies offering CRM lite solutions, or CRM for small businesses, Google Apps has acted as a formidable opponent. But some companies, like on-demand CRM provider Zoho, have smartly  relied on the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” motto, and today they announced the launch of a full integration between Google Docs and their […]

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Warming Up to SaaS, The Hybrid Model: CDC Will Acquire gomembers to Offer NFPs/NGOs On-Demand Solutions

Monday, CDC Software announced plans to acquire gomembers, Inc., which is a leading provider of SaaS and on-premise solutions to non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); the acquisition should be completed this week, with only some standard closing conditions being addressed. The acquisition is part of CDC’s plan to offer both SaaS and on-premise models, as […]

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Taking Another Look at Chatter & Other Dreamforce Releases’s annual Dreamforce conference ended just over a week ago, and aside from two new service-desk integrations on, the big news was about Salesforce Chatter. Yes, the “Facebook for enterprise” stole the show—even detracting from news about the specifics regarding Salesforce’s new Collaboration Cloud—as well as from other integrations and products announced at the […]

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