What is SaaS CRM?

To make a long story short, SaaS CRM is enterprise CRM software delivered through a monthly or yearly paid subscription. SaaS CRM gained popularity because it provided companies of all sizes with the software that they needed to become successful at only the fraction of the cost of of out-of-the-box software.

Does SaaS CRM save Money?

Before SaaS CRM, you would have to buy on-premise software, IT staff to run the system, perform maintenance and routine backups, and buy servers to run the system. As you can imagine, these costs can add up in a massive way. SaaS CRM was designed to alleviate the problems of on premise CRM by letting users subscribe to the software that was hosted by a vendors own server or servers, and where the vendor paid for all of the maintenance costs and investment. So yes, SaaS CRM deos drmamatically lower upfront costs and overall costs for running a CRM package.

A common argument is that over time SaaS CRM and on-premise CRM software costs begin to balance out, but that’s not true. Most of those calculations forget to include the ongoing maintenance, upgrade, consulting, server, and support costs. Running on premise CRM software can yield costs 80% higher than running a SaaS CRM.

Benefits of SaaS CRM

The benefits of using SaaS CRM are pretty obvious, you get robust and flexible CRM software without the large costs and investment of on-premise CRM software. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance or upgrades because the vendor takes care of that, and best of all the system is up and running in a matter of days. This means that you can be using your CRM solutions quicker and be seeing a rapid ROI.

Since SaaS CRM is hosted over the web, that means that you can access it anytime, anywhere. This can help to empower your sales and marketing staff while they are on the road or at trade shows by allowing them access to their valuable customer information. SaaS CRM can help your sales people become more effective by letting them close deals anytime, anywhere. Additionally, SaaS CRM puts powrful collaboration tools and customer relationship management tools in the hands of your employees, allowing them to better monitor prospects and existing customers.

Is SaaS CRM for Me?

Overall, SaaS CRM is a top choice solution for any business small, medium, or large. Since most SaaS CRM solutions are being run in the cloud, companies can now leverage the reliability, flexibility, and scalability that cloud computing CRM can offer. Cloud CRM is the new evolution in SaaS CRM and it provides a “pumped up” version of past hosted CRM software by deploying the software over cloud servers, meaning greater reliability, redundancy, and up-time. More and more businesses are moving towards SaaS CRM, and your business can take a step towards establishing stronger customer relationships by adopting these CRM solutions today.

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