Web-Based CRM: Revolutionizing CRM

The CRM industry is evolving very quickly. Once upon a time, there were only a handful of choices for CRM software but now one can find almost endless choices. New features are included almost on a daily basis and new products and versions are released regularly. Web-based CRM enjoys high demand among small to medium-sized businesses.

Web-based CRM systems are gaining popularity over installable ones and the new trends reveal that many medium and big firms are also moving towards web-based solutions. Many installable CRM providers are now offering web-based versions of their software.

What are some reasons for the success of web based CRM?

There are no installation costs. Installing an on-premise solution consumes a significant portion of a company’s budget. Expense is involved in creating networks, creating databases, programming software and configuring them, maintaining databases and creating backup procedures, staffing IT posts and hiring people and so on. But web-based systems do not need any of these. Users need only pay a small fee at the end of the month.

They offer always up-to-date systems. Unlike on-premise systems, software updates are not needed, nor the purchase of a newer version of the solution to get the latest features. Most CRM providers are keen to include new features free of cost.

They are backed with the latest data security protection. Web-based CRMs come with powerful database hosting services that use the most updated anti-virus and anti-hacking tools which usually cost thousands of dollars if you want them locally. The databases are constantly backed up.

They are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. As the data and software are hosted remotely, one can get the same functionality anytime, anywhere. Most on-demand CRMs also have mobile and wireless versions.

Web-based CRM systems are simpler and easier to operate than a traditional system. Even if there’s the feeling that the software is not working for you or is hard to customize, you can switch to a new provider painlessly and almost without any loss of money.

Last but not least, CRM providers offer free trials as an excellent option to review their systems and get familiar with them. With all these helpful options for deciding on the right web-based CRM for your company, evaluating all possible aspects of the solution is a cinch.

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  1. SydneyCoyle says:

    It is great news that many medium and big firms are also moving towards web-based solutions. I once thought Web-based CRM systems are only good for small businesses.
    And now it is gaining popularity over installable ones I would say I am on the right track as I am already using an efficient web crm http://www.worketc.com. I take comfort in the thought that brilliant minds out there in cyberspace are working overtime to provide me with best applications to do my job!

  2. Mark Spance says:

    I would recommend you to also have a look at http://www.workforcetrack.com. We chose this system becuase of its being multifunctional (CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Accounting and many others) and that it has very flexible prices and discounts

    • rcheng says:

      I have to admit, I’ve always been a fun of CRM systems that integrate other solutions into their offerings. My one concern is when these multifunctional CRM’s extend their services too much, and lose focus on the core functions needed by CRM users.

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