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CRM Apps are Plentiful in Google Marketplace

In recent years, businesses have been seeking out ways to reach out to their customers and build relationships with them. Several companies, including Salesforce.com and Zoho, have been developing customer relationship management (CRM) applications so that companies can connect to their customers in a productive manner. Google’s App Marketplace offers a wide range of CRM […]

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Ciboodle’s Social CRM Solution Released – An Innovation in Customer Support?

Sword Ciboodle, a customer relationship management (CRM) business software provider, today released Ciboodle Crowd, a new social CRM solution designed to bring together customer service and social networking. With Ciboodle Crowd, organizations can set up online social communities in which customers can discuss ideas with each other or the organization itself. The social CRM application […]

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SugarCRM introduces Sugar 6

Sugar CRM, a provider of Open Source CRM, has recently announced the release of Sugar 6. Sugar claims that their new CRM system is the most intuitive and flexible system currently on the market. The new tools in Sugar 6 expand the platforms integration and out-of-the box capabilities, and creates a newfound value to customers. […]

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Why Use Social CRM?

Social CRM is a way of bringing companies back to a customer’s level. The ease of online social networking brings individuals together while isolating businesses that are not up to date. Social CRM is a tool to regain control and a voice in the conversation. Modern social CRM is a new development in that it […]

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Defining Social CRM

There are many different parts of social CRM, which is a collection of strategies to engage current and prospective customers. The first strategy is using product components.  The product components include customer community pieces, such as the website ‘Get Satisfaction’  which increases the flow of communication between companies and their customers.  The site gets feedback […]

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Why Your Company Needs To Embrace Social CRM

Social CRM isn’t just another social media buzzword, it’s a central concept that businesses need to understand deeply and integrate fully in order to serve the social customer. But in order to fully embrace social CRM, businesses need to know what it entails. Who is the social customer? The social customer consumes information and learns […]

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“Social CRM” Should be a Redundant Phrase

These days forward-looking companies build social networks into their core marketing strategies., but sometimes there is a disconnect between existing CRM systems and the rising tide of social networking engagements. Companies with closed-off CRM systems aren’t really doing CRM at all. Marketers put customer relationship management (CRM) systems as a primary resource to feed leads […]

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Lithium Technologies and Genesys Partner Up To Optimize Social CRM Strategies for Customer Support

Today, more than ever, companies must better understand their client and manage the quality of their customers’ experiences. Lithium Technologies and Genesys are working together to integrate Lithium’s community platform with Genesys’ Customer Service Software. The goal is to extend the social networking capabilities of Genesys and deliver an improved customer experience by incorporating community […]

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