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Zoho Simplifies The Hiring Process with Zoho Recruit.

With any luck the job market will be much improved within the next year, and Zoho has just released an application to help companies manage the recruitment process: Zoho Recruit. It’s an application tracking system (ATS) that helps staffing agencies and human resources departments track job openings, resumes, candidates, and contacts, and the streamlined process […]

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Post-Dreamforce: Marc Benioff Gives Some More Details–And Clarifications–About Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce may have given some people a bit of a shock when Marc Benioff made the launch of Salesforce Chatter the subject of his keynote speech on Tuesday. Since that introduction, many have been calling it the “Facebook for enterprise.” Today, however, Benioff refuted that epithet at TechCrunch’s RealTime CrunchUp, and said that he prefers […]

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Dreamforce 09: Makes Social Marketing Automation Easy While Leveraging

Information regarding Salesforce Chatter flooded this year’s Dreamforce 2009, but there were some interesting partnership products, among them’s new social marketing automation tool. Simply named, Social Marketing Automation leverages’s Collaboration Cloud to nurture and score converted leads from social networking platforms. Genius prides itself on being one of the first to push “Sales […]

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SugarCRM Will Offer CRM Apps on The Windows Azure Cloud

This week, SugarCRM announced its CRM products would be the latest applications to join the Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud, thereby offering customers and resellers the benefit of real-time scalability, accessibility, and on-demand foundation. SugarCRM’s recently ppointed CEO Larry Augustin is quoted in the press release saying that Windows Azure goes “well beyond the simple hosted […]

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Dreamforce 09: SugarCRM Parodies Benioff, Tries to Poach Clients from

Dreamforce was getting an impressive amount of attention even before the announcement of Salesforce Chatter, and a couple software companies launched campaigns to steal some of this interest. Microsoft set up a “truth squad,” for the San Francisco event, and SugarCRM took it a step further, distributing 1,000 pamphlets titled “Behind the Smoke Screen” at […]

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Dreamforce Has Made A Splash, But How Does It Measure up to Oracle OpenWorld?

Needless to say, Dreamforce made a big splash this year with the announcement of Salesforce Chatter, to be launched next year. But how is Dreamforce shaping up in comparison to Oracle’s OpenWorld? For one thing, attendance at Dreamforce pales in comparison to that of last month’s OpenWorld conference—there are about 19,000 at Dreamforce, while OpenWorld […]

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Big News for CRM Today! Makes Chatter, The Social Network for Enterprise

Enterprise is getting it’s own Facebook! kicked off their annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, and CEO Marc Benioff made the major announcement during his keynote speech: their new private social network, Salesforce Chatter. Benioff has been advocating the use of real-time data for some time now, so it comes as no surprise that […]

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Oracle Releases PeopleSoft Entperprise CRM 9.1

Last week, Oracle announced the release of PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9.1, which they developed after customer feedback indicated businesses were most interested in solutions that could accelerate business performance with a lower cost of ownership. Because no system update is complete without a social media facelift, CRM 9.1 was redesigned to tout a Web 2.0 […]

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After Vetting Multiple SaaS Solutions, PDI Chooses Veeva CRM

Plenty of recent studies indicate that more and more large enterprises are going to move to SaaS CRM and productivity solutions, and last week, PDI, Inc. was added to that list of companies making the leap. PDI provides sales and marketing support to US pharmaceutical companies, and will implement Veeva’s VBioPharma CRM Primary Care and […]

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In The Future, Ireland May Tout A Serious Technology Community

Looks like there could be some enterprise software coming out of Ireland soon: this week, the Irish government announced a partnership with Bank of Ireland and Limerick University, where they’ll create a fund for start-up and early stage companies. So far the fund, dubbed Enterprise Ireland, has €26 million in its coffer, and will begin […]

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