iPad CRM: The Future of Customer Relationship Management

Despite the fact that the Apple iPad has only been available to the public for less than a year, there are several iPad CRM applications that have been developed for the device that offer robust solutions for businesses of all types that are seeking every edge on the competition. Finding the best CRM for iPad can be a tough process, but with the rise in mobile computing, it has become pivotal to jump on the iPad bandwagon for mobile sales, marketing, and support services.

Microsoft Releases iPad CRM

One of the more interesting iPad CRM entries on the market comes from the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is touted as an easy and rapid way to get instant access to the company database and comes in either Professional or Small Business editions. It works with both hosted and in-house CRM solutions and is a cost-effective open standards application based on web services technology. Microsoft Edge iPad CRM is able to quickly and reliably connect to mission critical enterprise data while offering its users flexibility and ease of use.

With Mobile Edge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM software for the iPad, wireless access is taken to a whole new level. High productivity is ensured as users have mobile access to the back-end database of customer information on Microsoft CRM anytime, anywhere. Sales and support staff won’t be hampered by Internet outages as they perform assignments, and their location will no longer be a factor.

The most important feature of the mobile solutions from Microsoft and other CRM providers is that they are designed to fit the smaller screen sizes from Blackberry, iPad, and other vendors. Other CRM apps are only configured for a standard laptop or desktop screen. Putting power into the hand of mobile users by making the iPad CRM application easy to read and understand enables employees to respond quickly and have higher productivity.

SugarCRM’s Entry into iPad CRM

Another iPad CRM entry that emerged on the market this year is from SugarCRM, the world’s leading provider of open-source CRM software. Their Sugar iPad CRM software can be fully customized to meet the needs of virtually any business. The standard features that come with the application are a quick view display that shows the most urgent upcoming meetings, contacts, and business opportunities; a customizable modules screen that allows users to drop and drag their most important and most used CRM modules to organize a custom user interface that is intuitive and delivers maximum efficiency. Sugar’s iPad CRM provides real time synchronization with the mobile device 24/7 from its data center cloud so support staff always has the most up-to-date information. Drilling down to vital information is quick and easy for sales and service staff who need access to all customer information while on the road.

SugarCRM has also launched a successful version of the application for the Apple iPhone, and users should be able to switch between the two platforms with little training. The same user interface and features are available for both solutions. The SugarCRM 2010 success suggested that for businesses looking for a web-based CRM application with powerful features, yet with a lower price, SugarCRM is a logical choice.

The iPad is a powerful new tool that has obvious benefits for businesses looking to maximize the efficiency and production of sales, support staff, and customer service reps. Expect to see iPad CRM applications introduced by a number of new vendors and that more powerful features will be released by vendors already the market.