Intuit Adds More to The Small Business CRM Space with Intuit Customer Manager

Intuit Software announced last month that they’ll be expanding their reach in the small business CRM space, this time with Intuit Customer Manager. Intuit is best known for its accounting and finance software, like Quicken and Quickbooks, but this latest addition puts the company in direct competition with CRM chiefs like and SugarCRM.

Naturally, many small business users aren’t working on streamlined management platforms, and rather are running their businesses across a series of products. Intuit’s accounting and finance offerings are already popular with many small businesses, so it isn’t surprising that Customer Manager is their next step in this space. Customer Manager gives users a simple way to see and update their customer data, and eschews the sophistication of large-scale CRM platforms. It provides a platform for contact information, pending tasks, appointments, and more. There’s a BlackBerry version, and Intuit execs say they will soon support other smartphones. Another smart move: businesses already using Quickbooks and Quicken can synchronize the data with Customer Manager, and also information from Microsoft Outlook.

Customer Manager is priced at $9.95 per month for up to five users, which is comparable to the pricing of similar products offered by other companies. Both Salesforce and SugarCRM released contact managers for small business users this year, and though both offer impressive CRM platforms, it’ll be interesting to see how Customer Manager fares considering there are already some 4 million QuickBooks users who can easily adopt the new platform.


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