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Stream Combines CRM with Social Media in New BPO Service

Yesterday, Stream Global Services, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) solution provider, released a new service offering that incorporates social media communication with CRM. As part of the service, Stream professionals will monitor a variety of websites, blogs, and forums to answer client queries from the CRM system. The social media input can be integrated […]

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Social CRM is an IT Priority for 2010, Says Gartner Research

Gartner research finds that CRM solutions, in the form of social media marketing, remain a high priority item for business CIOs in 2010. Attracting and retaining new customers will be the number five priority for CIOs in 2010, according to the analyst group’s study from earlier this year. Other arbitrary factoids from Gartner include: 90% […]

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Social Media Usage Growing in Workplaces, Says Multiple Studies

Some recent studies point to a rising trend of social media usage in the workplace. Research commissioned by Open Text Corporation, a Canadian enterprise content management solution provider, finds that more than half of businesses surveyed in the United Kingdom use social media in the workplace. Further, a whopping 95% believe that social media offers […]

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Social Media for Enterprise Will Proliferate in 2010–But How?

Today, CRM Magazine’s Jessica Tsai noted an expected increase in social media spending in marketing departments. The news isn’t surprising—we heard for the better part of 2009 that social networking was the new big thing in CRM for lead outreach and relationship development—but this time the information is backed up by a report from the […]

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BatchBook Extends The Reach of Small Business CRM

BatchBook has always been positioned a small business CRM company, and with some recent additions to their product, they may begin changing what that CRM segment is all about. The co-founders of the three-year-old company are in awe of the capabilities social media provide, and one of their recent platform updates is a social contact […]

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