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Revving up Your CRM Practices with Online CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) enables companies to become more customer-centric, which means that your business can keep your customers happy and wanting more.  Using online CRM software is beneficial for customers, businessmen and employees in customer support companies. Leveraging online CRM software can help your business retain customers and establish stronger relationships. By using contact […]

ZOHO CRM Announces New Features For Google Apps

Recently, Zoho announced it has added new integration features for Google Apps. The integration allows Zoho CRM and other Zoho Business tools to display data in Gmail messages. Zoho has expanded its service portfolio to go beyond just CRM and they now host over twenty-four services. Although Google Apps and Microsoft are competitors of Zoho, […]

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Using Small Business CRM to Achieve Success

The overall goal of small business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is to find, attract, and win new clients with the hopes to retain the clients that a company already has. Additionally, organizations implementing small business CRM look to bring back former customers and reduce the costs of marketing and sales support activities. However, merely implementing […]

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vTiger Arrives in the UK

Recently, it was announced that vTiger, a provider of free open source CRM, will be teaming up with the Open Learning Centre to deliver CRM on demand to organizations in the UK. vTiger’s free CRM solution provides a complete set of CRM capabilities such as sales force automation, marketing automation, activity management and customer support […]

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Idea2 Releases CRM on Google Apps Marketplace

Recently, Idea2, a provider of cloud CRM solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB), announced that their SMB CRM would be available through the Google Apps Marketplace. Idea2’s cloud CRM solution improves customer retention and acquisition by easily arranging customer data and accelerating information flow. Idea2’s integration with Google Apps provides SMB CRM solutions with […]

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Small Business CRM Solutions

Small businesses have much different needs than larger businesses and bustling organizations. Many small businesses have departments with only one person in each. Others are run only by one person and some are larger with several people doing different jobs. Small businesses have smaller budgets, needs and workforces. One thing that both small and large […]

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Silentale Opens Up CRM Tool to the Public

Paris-based company, Silentale, is opening up their services for public consumption. Silentale, the self-proclaimed “Dropbox for communications”, is a personal CRM system. The system gives users access to searchable backup of contacts, messages and attachments across various communications channels, including email and social media networks. The interface is simple to use and intuitive, facilitating the […]

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Google Fights Microsoft for Small Business Users, Acquires DocVerse

Looks like Google is determined to remain competitive in the small business CRM market, as today they announced they are closing an acquisition of DocVerse, a service facilitating collaboration around Microsoft Office documents. Given the number of small businesses managing CRM via free online applications, this could be big news. San Francisco-based DocVerse has previously […]

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Big in 2010: CRM Collaboration

If this past year was all about social networking in CRM, 2010 will most definitely be met with the rise of collaboration products in business suites. Salesforce Chatter, despite being dubbed the “Facebook for enterprise,” is positioning itself as a CRM collaboration tool. Not to be outdone by, SugarCRM announced Cloud Connects and Social […]

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Another Score for Small Business CRM: Zoho Reports Moves out of Beta

Today, Zoho announced the production release of Zoho Reports, their online reporting and business intelligence tool. Zoho CRM products are wholly web-based, and Zoho Reports emerges with a new pricing model and features after two years in beta. It was formerly known as Zoho DB, and it facilitates data analysis for database administrators and developers. […]

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