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ZOHO CRM Announces New Features For Google Apps

Recently, Zoho announced it has added new integration features for Google Apps. The integration allows Zoho CRM and other Zoho Business tools to display data in Gmail messages. Zoho has expanded its service portfolio to go beyond just CRM and they now host over twenty-four services. Although Google Apps and Microsoft are competitors of Zoho, […]

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Zoho Mobile CRM for BlackBerry Released From Beta

Very soon, Zoho will take its BlackBerry CRM app out of private beta and make it publicly available, says Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna. An iPhone app will also follow within the coming weeks. In the near future, Zoho plans to develop more in the way of mobile business software. The company plans to update its […]

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The Importance of Using a CRM System

Now, as customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are making their products more affordable and usable, even for the smallest companies, every company should have a CRM system. Almost all companies already do and they might not even know it! Any way of tracking customers, whether it is simply recording their email addresses or names, is […]

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Another Social CRM Layer: Zoho Gets Facebook Connect

The relation between CRM and social media is a valuable one, and this week it continues to grow as Zoho integrates the ability to login with Facebook Connect. Zoho’s online productivity suite is constantly innovating, and already allows users to use their Google, Google Apps, and Yahoo accounts to log into Zoho Apps—in fact, Zoho […]

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Another Score for Small Business CRM: Zoho Reports Moves out of Beta

Today, Zoho announced the production release of Zoho Reports, their online reporting and business intelligence tool. Zoho CRM products are wholly web-based, and Zoho Reports emerges with a new pricing model and features after two years in beta. It was formerly known as Zoho DB, and it facilitates data analysis for database administrators and developers. […]

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Zoho Adds Another Integration, This Time It’s for Google Docs

For companies offering CRM lite solutions, or CRM for small businesses, Google Apps has acted as a formidable opponent. But some companies, like on-demand CRM provider Zoho, have smartly  relied on the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” motto, and today they announced the launch of a full integration between Google Docs and their […]

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Zoho Launches Zoho Discussions

This week, Zoho launched Zoho Discussions, their new platform for creating public and private support forums for employees and customers to comments on a particular topic. Features include branding widgets, integrated chat, user profiles, SEO options, and “sticky” posts (which is a highlight a community moderator can award to a post that is especially good […]


Google And Its Effects on CRM

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) recently released their annual e-business report, and Google came out the preferred Internet Portal and Search Engine, scoring a telling 9 points ahead of the next runner up. The quality of Google’s search results isn’t the sole factor in its popularity—their web presence is near inescapable given the number […]

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Heigh ho! It’s Zoho… with Enterprise Edition CRM

AdventNet’s Zoho CRM has come out with an Enterprise Edition that is a low-cost subscription-based SaaS offering. It offers sales, service, marketing, and inventory management modules. It aims to fulfill the requirements of corporate customers who demand organizational management (including hierarchical group definitions), role-based security on data access and information sharing, SSL transport, and broader […]