Seven Key Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System

Even the most educated and computer savvy person can run into difficulties when it comes to following the steps to rolling out a new CRM system. Companies fear the change and often try and play it safe when it comes to implementing a new CRM system. There are seven basic steps to rolling out a new CRM system that should be followed when you’re ready for utilizing CRM implementation best practices.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #1

See How Customer Database Tools Can Help You The Most
Instead of choosing sales tracking software or a CRM solution that’s based purely on features,choose a system based after a careful analysis of how your company operates. Some things to consider are the streamlining interdepartmental communication, the tracking of customers from initial lead through the end of the sale and identifying the opportunities your company may have.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #2

Picture the Benefits of Your CRM Software
Decide where you want your company to be in the next six month, maybe even the next year. Once you have set those goals, decide on the best method of how to reach them. When you follow the steps to rolling out CRM software you have to make sure you set your goals or you will never know if you’re on track or not.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #3

Keep it Short and Sweet with your Rollout Schedule and Vendor ShortList
For the quickest launch possible, you’ll need to decide which features you absolutely need and which you don’t.  Once you’ve done this, target two or three of these vendors who you feel can meet those needs the quickest and go for it. Instead of prolonged pitch meetings and project estimates, you should focus on vendors that have a reputation for quick rollouts and frequent feature updates.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #4

Apply Sales Software Features Early and as Often as Possible
Engaging employees early during the implementation process, encouraging employees to offer feedback and demonstrating how CRM software platforms meet needs are other ways to ensure that your employees will be on board with you.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #5

Get Employees Involved with Your New CRM Software
Encourage your managers to broadcast results using the new sales tracking tools. This will help leaders and employees be more comfortable with the software and help to drive faster and better results throughout your organization.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #6

Celebrate Results
Once you have your system in place you should celebrate each milestone that your company reaches. Allow your CRM software to help you track these milestones so that it will be another simple way to become more familiar with the CRM software. Remember, the more buy-in you have from the entire staff, the higher the chances are of your CRM Rollout being successful.

Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System: #7

Update Your Customer Database After You Have Implemented Your Software
By updating your customer database you will be able to weed out any old contacts while keeping your current contacts in the forefront. This will help you to build on what you have and maintain great customer relationships with your current contacts.

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