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CRM for Retail to Grow in 2010

This year, the retail industry is one that is expected to adopt significant CRM implementations, as the rise in digital outreach is changing retailers’ marketing orientation in a big way. Online shopping is fast becoming some customers’ preferred method, and with its omnipresence has come some very sophisticated purchasing portals. According to the folks at […]

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BatchBook Extends The Reach of Small Business CRM

BatchBook has always been positioned a small business CRM company, and with some recent additions to their product, they may begin changing what that CRM segment is all about. The co-founders of the three-year-old company are in awe of the capabilities social media provide, and one of their recent platform updates is a social contact […]

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Twitter Catching on with CRM Companies.

As the social networking craze continues to attract a larger user base, businesses are beginning to catch on. Salesforce.com recently announced a new CRM application tailored for Twitter, an increasingly popular micro-blogging social network site.  Salesforce’s new application should help facilitate customer service by providing another resource for customers with problems to turn to in […]

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