Revving up Your CRM Practices with Online CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) enables companies to become more customer-centric, which means that your business can keep your customers happy and wanting more.  Using online CRM software is beneficial for customers, businessmen and employees in customer support companies.

Leveraging online CRM software can help your business retain customers and establish stronger relationships. By using contact management features found in online CRM software, you can easily track and monitor your existing customers and spot opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. Additionally, online CRM software provides you with reminders to contact your customers in a timely manner, and the reporting functionality allows you to track the processes that are working best, enabling you to learn and optimize your existing sales and customer service practices.

Online CRM Software for Customer Service

Using online CRM software to maximize the efficiency for your customer service processes is definitely a smart move.  Online CRM software lets you monitor all of your existing customers and your prospects, and ensures that none of their needs go unnoticed. Advanced ticketing functionality lets you track the progress of customer inquiries, and new social CRM features let you see what customers are saying about you and your product through their social streams. You can then gain value from this information by adding it to your customer profiles in the online CRM software, so you can get a complete view of your customer and their needs and wants. All of the information gathered through the online CRM software is readily available for all sales, marketing, and customer service staff enabling single inquiries to be handled easier, and enabling anyone with access to the customer profiles to see that the customers needs are being met.

Online CRM Software: A Cost Effective Solution

When most companies speak about software solutions, most will say that the biggest problems are cost and implementation. By leveraging online CRM software, your organization can dramatically lower costs costs, while still gaining the advantages of powerful enterprise CRM solutions. Cloud CRM software like ClaritySoft CRM can be purchased for just $39/user/month, which is significantly lower than any on-premise CRM solution. On-premise CRM software can drive costs with ongoing maintenance and support costs, but with online CRM software, it’s the vendor that handles all maintenance and upgrades.

Using online CRM softwrae can even open up new doors to cut costs for your company.Since all of the data is hosted online, you can work from anywhere at any time. This means that you can even relocate your offices to locations with cheaper rent and utilities to cut costs.

Using Online CRM Software to Monitor Your Business

One of the biggest advantages of using online CRM software is the ability to easily monitor your business. You can easily generate reports to see the effectiveness of your various sales and marketing campaigns, and even check on statistics for other aspects and metrics to measure the performance of your business. This makes it easier for you to make informed decisions based on quantitative data that can dramatically increase your sales and marketing forecasting and performance.

Employees know the value of efficiency. To be able to do tasks faster in the same amount of time, they can accomplish more. They also no longer have to send the same emails or brochures over and over again. Automation of those tasks can be done through online CRM software. It becomes easier to address each customer’s needs because all the information is in one place.

Doing follow up calls and callbacks are also much easier with online CRM software. Details can be entered on the program. They will be notified when the appropriate time and date comes. They can even make that call at a click of a button using some online CRM software.

Online CRM software has the power to optimize business processes through centralization of data and automation. Having a customer-centric business is becoming a more common practice. CRM is no longer just an advantage. It is now needed for any business to stay competitive. Online CRM software helps in making CRM related processes much easier and more efficient.


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  1. Online CRM solution has really made it affordable for SMBs to implement a CRM system. But for slight larger companies integrating with core transactional system becomes a challenge. Also for there are many companies who want to start on a SaaS model but slowly move to OnPremise as the number of users and complexity increases. There are very few players who can help you migrate easily. CRMnext is infact the only product which has a single code base and can seamlessly migrate from SaaS to Onpremise.

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