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bTrack – web-based customizable solution

bTrack™ is a customizable, web-based, CRM system that facilitates connectivity between users regardless of geographical distances. The salient features of bTrack™ include data storage on the user’s server, ability to capture web leads, contact management, workflow customization, email notifications, transaction logging, etc.

Incentive Compensation add-on module in NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite, which provides on-demand software, has added the Incentive Compensation add-on module to its CRM+ application. The new module will enable people to move away from Excel-based forecasting. It will allow users to keep track of the various quotas and more than one forecast as well as the concomitant plans for commission. The software is […]

Customforce 2.0 by

Customforce 2.0 is the customization platform by It includes functions such as lead scoring, case aging, etc as well as a 100 Business Processes. Customforce Formulas aid in the decision making process by creating customized business formulas. It provides a tool for forecasting, Customforce Forecasting, which enables users to forecast according to the product […]

Microsoft Office 12 to have BI capabilities

Microsoft.Corp has stated that it will enhance its Office software by adding data culling capabilities to it. This capability, which comes within the scope of Business Intelligence, is mainly used by analyst firms and enterprises wishing to obtain actionable information from the data in their databases. Microsoft is of the opinion that the scope of […]

Home-based phone representatives

Companies that cannot outsource their call center activities but still look to drive down costs are increasingly turning to home-based workers. This new breed of workers is more driven and always available, which means that a customer does not have to wait or leave a message behind. WillowCSN is based in Florida and operates with […]