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Veeva Systems Launches Integrated iPad CRM

With all the new technology developments in the workforce, the once “left out” pharmaceutical industry has now jumped ahead with a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is sure to boost their environment across the globe. Veeva systems has just released iRep, the first exclusively built iPad CRM and closed loop-marketing (CLM) solution. The new […]

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SAP Releases BlackBerry CRM

Recently, Sybase, an SAP company that focuses on enterprise and mobile software, announced the release of Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM for BlackBerry smartphones. This new app will extend SAP CRM to BlackBerry smartphones. The new mobile CRM solution for BlackBerry offers real-time SAP business and customer analytic information that vastly improves information workflow through the […]

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Mobile CRM Improves Construction Company’s Efficiency

Recently, VCC, a retail construction company, decided to add a mobile component to its business processes. After the recession, VCC wanted to reorganize and update its company. Smartphones have become a great asset to businesses over the past couple of years and VCC recognized their potential so it decided to give all of its project […]

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OnTheGo Mobile CRM Launched by Sage SalesLogix and Net@Work

Sage CRM Solutions, vendor extraordinaire of Sage SalesLogix, has partnered up with Net@Work to produce a CRM lovechild for mobile users. The OnTheGo mobile CRM app is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Sage’s CRM platform has a protocol that enables easy data sharing, thereby facilitating the creation of OnTheGo. “Sage SalesLogix Cloud doesn’t […]

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SAP & Sybase Go Mobile with CRM & Sales iPhone Application

SAP recently released a customer relationship management (CRM) sales data iPhone application so iPhone users can access their CRM data on the go. SAP, a business management software provider, recently acquired Sybase, a business intelligence analytics software provider. Sybase and SAP worked together to develop the latest iPhone app entitled the Sybase Mobile Sales & […]

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Zoho Mobile CRM for BlackBerry Released From Beta

Very soon, Zoho will take its BlackBerry CRM app out of private beta and make it publicly available, says Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna. An iPhone app will also follow within the coming weeks. In the near future, Zoho plans to develop more in the way of mobile business software. The company plans to update its […]

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Top 5 Mobile CRM iPhone Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a very important part of the business process.  More and more companies are installing CRM systems to help them find more sales opportunities.  In this modern age, most business executives are frequently on the go.  Mobile CRM applications are increasing in popularity because it allows users to access the […]

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TenDigits Releases MobileAccess 4.7, A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Solution

Last weekend, TenDigits Software, Inc., a mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider, announced the release of MobileAccess 4.7. The mobile CRM application provides access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from any smart mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. This newest iteration of the product also provides new mobile features to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Mobile CRM […]

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Top Sales and CRM Apps From Salesforce, SAP and More

Salespeople have to stay on the move to make the deal, and now have more freedom than ever to do so. Mobile devices can come with tools to help at every moment of the sales process, from pulling up important lead information from CRM systems to displaying business statistics. Here are four innovative sales applications […]

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Go Get the GoMo Wallet!

On Tuesday, Gold Mobile and Telecordia introduced the “GoMo Wallet,” a mobile-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer loyalty solution.  The GoMo Wallet is a way for retailers or marketers to use mobile devices to deliver and track loyalty rewards. Two New Jersey based companies, Gold Mobile, a leading CRM and mobile solutions provider, and Telecordia, a mobile […]

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