SugarCRM Goes Commercial in The Enterprise Content Management Space


SugarCRM announced today that their partnership with KnowledgeTree and iNetProcess will take them to the commercial enterprise content management (ECM) space. SugarCRM is known as a leader in open-source CRM offerings, and KnowledgeTree is an ECM provider that focuses on affordable document management software (DMS); iNetProcess is a European provider of services around open source CRM and DMS applications, and provides the architecture behind the new application, iNetDocs.

iNetDocs offers seamless integration between data stored in KnowledgeTree and SugarCRM, so users leveraging the app can search, browse, and retrieve information from documents and folders in the KnowledgeTree repository, and view them on the SugarCRM platform. A tab within the Sugar interface connects directly to the KnowledgeTree information, and said info can be added to lead and contact information when necessary.

The free community edition of iNetDocs has been available for about year to SugarCRM users, and the commercial edition will offer some new features and customer support. It will be available in the SaaS and on-premise versions of both KnowledgeTree and SugarCRM , and starts at $1490 for 20 users.

Content management and CRM systems are a natural fit, and this new venture will doubtless save users plenty of time switching between applications. The ECM space is growing pretty steadily, so it’ll be interesting to see exactly what the new features are offering in the commercial version iNetDocs that set it apart.

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