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Does LeadMaster Provide the Best Web Based Lead Management?

The Web offers significant opportunities to identify and capture solid leads, but you generally need a little help. A number of companies offer solutions that allow you to capture and manage your leads, but do you really drive all potential value from these solutions? The best Web based lead management could easily be LeadMaster, but […]

The Many uses of a CRM iPhone App

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are great in-house as they allow your sales reps to capture and manage all information related to a contact or current customer. Is the same value delivered to the rep base if they are never in the office, but always on the go? The proliferation of mobile devices into the […]

What are Aloha Apps?

Just when you thought had extended all possible value in its AppExchange, the company launched Aloha Apps. This unlimited application category touts the promise of an “all-you-can-app” platform. This category was launched by the leading cloud CRM company in the Spring of 2010 and provides more than 500 different apps that won’t count against […]

5 Best CRM for Higher Education

State appropriations for higher education continue to dwindle in most regions, which means higher education institutions are becoming savvier about fund raising. More and more CRM for higher education is being developed to assist these institutions, particularly in marketing and campaign management and through work with alumni relations. Intelliworks CRM for Higher Education This CRM […]

Are Free CRM Tools Worth Your Time?

Free. In your world of keeping up with customer-driven trends across multiple platforms, free can be quite appealing – especially when it comes to managing your customer contacts through free CRM tools. However, you should compare the benefits and drawbacks of free CRM tools to paid CRM tools to determine your best results potential, and […]

How to Implement Social CRM

The ability to effectively manage customer information to build loyalty and drive revenues is an important goal for any organization. Developing that ability in the social media platform still presents a learning curve for many organizations. If you’re seeking to leverage this platform to strategically interact with current and potential clients, it’s important to know […]

3 Best CRM for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations must make every client contact count. If you’re a nonprofit leader, you know you need the best CRM (customer relationship management) for nonprofits in order to maintain a loyal donor base, increase gifts across new populations and keep your message in the minds of potential volunteers, foundations and supporters. CRM for non-profits are […]

5 Best Free CRM Software

Free CRM software promises a lot, but which ones actually deliver? Free CRM software is gaining ground among smaller and mid-sized organizations for potential to maximize leads and improve customer loyalty, but not all free CRM software solutions are perfect (or free). Here are some of the pros and cons of leading free CRM software […]

5 Best Automotive CRM Software Solutions

In the world of automotive CRM software, too often a company will try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Not all CRM’s are made for automotive companies, and it is best if you find one that is. Below are five automotive CRM software options that you can trust for your business. DealerSocket […]

How to use Social CRM Strategy to Improve Product Marketing: Part III

In a market full of competitors, how do you make sure your brand stands out? A powerful social CRM strategy can be a great place to start, but how do you select the right approach? A number of success companies are leveraging Facebook and Twitter to drive social CRM strategy success, but a new entrant […]