Compare CRM Software: How to Find Software that Delivers What Your Company Needs

Before you select the right client relationship management (CRM) software for your organization, you will have to include a step to compare CRM software. The good news is that most vendors offering CRM solutions will not only recommend this step, they will provide you with the technologies you need to be able to effectively compare CRM software within your environment. Any provider who refuses your request, that should be the red flag that they are not worthy of your business.

What Steps Should You Take to Compare CRM Software?

The first thing you should do before you compare CRM software is to determine your company’s needs. You have to know what exactly your company hopes to gain out of the process of implementing solutions to compare CRM software. Not only that, what does your company – or your department – hope to gain from the overall implementation? Once you have identified these key elements that is what you want to run within your platform. If you want to be able to track the activities of your sales team, implement your test run to compare CRM software according to your sales activities. If you want to see how well the CRM will implement with other platforms across the enterprise, be sure you take this step when you compare CRM software. The important point here is that unless you are actually measuring those areas where you hope to benefit from top CRM software, you’ll be missing the point entirely.

Expect Full Implementation When You Compare CRM Software

One thing you need to look out for when you compare CRM software are those vendors who will only give you a trial version of their platform. If you can run the full solution to see how much benefit you can get out of it, how will you know if you can truly benefit from the implementation? You may hear excuses that you really only need to examine the interface and receive trial versions of what the platform can actually do, but this isn’t a true way to compare CRM software. Simply looking at specs won’t tell you how well the platform will perform in real-life situations. Demand the full-blown solution on your network or work with other vendors. There are plenty in the market who will want your business, but insist on the full package when you compare CRM software.

Don’t Only Look at Price When You Compare CRM Software

Sure, price is important and when you compare CRM software, you do have to consider what it will do to your bottom line. Be careful that you look at more than just the cost to deploy the solution, however. Some vendors may have costs built in over the course of operation, so just be sure you know what those costs will be up front. You may also have vendors who offer you special deals when you compare CRM software, so do take advantage of those deals, if their solution fits in your environment. And, be sure those deals don’t mask hidden fees down the road.

It is a complicated process to compare CRM software, but one that is absolutely necessary if you hope to reap the rewards.