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Salesforce.com CRM Success: AmerisourceBergen

AmeriSourceBergen is a leading pharmaceutical company that was struggling with a custom .NET solution that was unable to keep up with the company’s rapid growth and market-driven business needs. As a result, the provider sought to deploy a comprehensive business platform that would effectively support its sales, service and other business processes across all 10 […]

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Salesforce.com Expands to Japan

Yesterday, the enterprise cloud computing company, Salesforce.com, announced its plans to set up a new data center in Japan. A partner of the cloud computing giant, NTT Communications (NTT Com), is working with Salesforce to establish the Tokyo center, which is being established to further support the cloud computing services that Salesforce.com has to offer. […]

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Salesforce.com Announces Cloudforce 2010: Japan

Recently, the cloud computing giant, Salesforce.com, announced the event Cloudforce 2010:Japan. Salesforce will present innovations in its enterprise cloud computing technologies that over 82,000 companies rely on to manage their businesses. The event will take place on Oct. 5 and Oct 6 at the Prince Park Tower Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan. Attendees of Cloudforce will […]

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Salesforce.com Acquired Activa Live

This past week, it was announced that Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, acquired Activa Live, an enterprise chat startup. Activa Live provides an on-demand cloud computing service, which includes customer support, live chat and online sales interaction features. Activa Live’s software is useful to companies who want to interact with online visitors. These interactions […]

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Salesforce.com Announces Chatter 2

Today, at Oracle OpenWorld, Salesforce.com is expected to announce the release of Chatter 2, an updated version of the already popular Chatter app. Chatter, which has only been available for roughly 3 months, has seen quick user adoption by existing Salesforce customers. Chatter users have even gone so far as to barrage Salesforce.com with requests […]

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RelayWare PRM Announces SalesForce Integration

Recently, it was announced that RelayWare, a provider of cloud-based partner relationship management solutions(PRM), has worked with Salesforce.com to create an integration connector for the two applications. CRM and PRM solutions, although different, are complementary products that create a powerful sales platform when combined. RelayWare’s PRM solution, enables users to manage every aspect of partner […]

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Salesforce.com Brings Chatter to Stratus Technologies

Today, Salesforce.com announced the successful deployment of their Cloud 2 technologies for Stratus Technologies. Stratus, a provider of high availability on its servers, has utilized Salesforce.com’s Cloud 2 technologies to reach a greater level of communication with its customer base, and has been an early success story of Salesforce Chatter implementation. Salesforce is providing Stratus […]

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Microsoft Wants to Revise CRM Pitch to Outdo Salesforce.com

With Salesforce.com dominating the CRM news lately, Microsoft decided that it needs to up its game. Microsoft representatives stated that Microsoft wants to make its presence known and voice heard so the computer and customer relationship management (CRM) software provider aims to strengthen its CRM pitch to the press. Salesforce.com and its CEO, Marc Benioff, […]

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AWPRx’s Move to the Cloud is a Success

Earlier this week, Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, announced that AWPRx successfully deployed and used the Sales Cloud 2, Chatter and other custom apps from Force.com. AWPRx, a pharmacy management service provider, deployed Salesforce to run its business in the cloud, which saves it money and allows AWPRx employees to focus more on customers […]

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Salesforce.com Releases Jigsaw

On September 1, Salesforce.com, the cloud computing company, announced the release of Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM. Jigsaw is a crowd-sourced business data service for Salesforce CRM customers. Jigsaw will increase the demand for cloud-based data services, according to Salesforce. Jigsaw was built using salesforce.com technologies. It provides a new user interface, analytics dashboards, seamless integration […]

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