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What We Can Learn About CRM in the Cloud from the Holiday Season

With the holidays officially behind us, I thought it would be a good time to express how this season is uniquely suited to teach us about the value of CRM in the Cloud. What do these two things have to do with each other? There is a real correlation between strategies and tactics we use […]

Web-Based CRM: Revolutionizing CRM

The CRM industry is evolving very quickly. Once upon a time, there were only a handful of choices for CRM software but now one can find almost endless choices. New features are included almost on a daily basis and new products and versions are released regularly. Web-based CRM enjoys high demand among small to medium-sized […]

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What is SaaS CRM?

To make a long story short, SaaS CRM is enterprise CRM software delivered through a monthly or yearly paid subscription. SaaS CRM gained popularity because it provided companies of all sizes with the software that they needed to become successful at only the fraction of the cost of of out-of-the-box software. Does SaaS CRM save […]

Revving up Your CRM Practices with Online CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) enables companies to become more customer-centric, which means that your business can keep your customers happy and wanting more.  Using online CRM software is beneficial for customers, businessmen and employees in customer support companies. Leveraging online CRM software can help your business retain customers and establish stronger relationships. By using contact […]

SaaS CRM Simplified

Software as a service, or SaaS CRM, promises to free enterprises from the annoyance of having to deploy and maintain software applications that require frequent upgrades and qualified personnel to run apart from taking up valuable floor space. The two most prominent SaaS CRM providers include  and NetSuite. The two companies have created a […]

BPMonline CRM is one of the 3 finalists of CRM Idol 2011 from EMEA

Recently, the judges from CRM Idol 2011 named 3 finalists from EMEA. CRM Idol 2011 is a recent contest held by Paul Greenberg, and has quickly become one of the largest CRM events, engaging more than 50 opinion leaders, Journalists, bloggers and consultants. The multi-stage competition began with 40 companies from the Americas and 20 […]

CRM Product Spotlight: amoCRM

      amoCRM is a brand new CRM system designed for small to medium sized businesses. But what makes this new system so exciting and effective isn’t its price, which is a bargain, but instead are its features. amoCRM hit the market knowing that there are hundreds and hundreds of other CRM systems out […]

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CRM Royal Rumble – Microsoft Dynamics vs. vs. SAP vs. SugarCRM vs. Oracle: Part 2

If you missed yesterday’s blog, I addressed the question of “What’s the best CRM solution?” in the context of a classic WWF Royal Rumble match.  If you missed it, for some context and to try and understand why I provided the above video, read Part 1 of the CRM Royal Rumble, where I matched up […]


CRM Royal Rumble – Microsoft Dynamics vs. vs. SAP vs. SugarCRM vs. Oracle: Part 1

  Everyday, we get a ton of questions about what’s better, SAP or  Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle?  How does Sugar CRM fit into the whole mix?  Though the questions are common, the answer is not always so easy to provide.  So I thought a blog pitting the major CRM solutions against each other might […]

Customer Data Analysis: What Can it Do for You?

The market is full of information on your current and potential customers, your competition, consumer trends and so much more. Are you leveraging this key data and making it work for your company? Did you know you are in the perfect position to leverage information on your customers so you can improve sales, retain more […]