Category: sCRM’s Dayon on Sentiment Analysis and Radian6 EVP CRM Alex Dayon discusses sentiment analysis in CRM and how Radian6 integrates in a platform. This was recorded prior to the Radian6 acquisition by Video Rating: 5 / 5 With Spring ’10, you’ve now got powerful tools for tracking your service entitlements and contracts. Set up entitlements so your agents can […]

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NetSuite SuiteWorld 2011 pushes for Social CRM

NetSuite SuiteWorld had numerous breakout sessions promoting different aspects of the NetSuite product line. Various tracks enabled participants to choose which sessions were most relevant to them, among them was a track for the “Front Office”. For people unfamiliar with the term “Front Office”, it refers to any parts of an organization that come into […]

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Social CRM May Be in The Early Stages, But It’s Invaluable

Social CRM has been a contentious topic for almost three years now, with one side claiming that integrating social media into enterprise practices is not a means of success, and the other side arguing that companies neglecting social network outreach are doomed. In its fledgling stage, Social CRM’s benefits are not always simply discerned, and […]


More Social Media in CRM: SAP CRM 7.0 Gets Twitter

Perhaps SAP is so tired of hearing criticism for their ERP product that they’ve decided to beef up their CRM platform for a while. That’s right, this week SAP announced that SAP CRM 7.0 would live in the future, and features a Twitter integration. Twitter is where many enterprise software companies have begun their foray […]

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Social Media for Enterprise Will Proliferate in 2010–But How?

Today, CRM Magazine’s Jessica Tsai noted an expected increase in social media spending in marketing departments. The news isn’t surprising—we heard for the better part of 2009 that social networking was the new big thing in CRM for lead outreach and relationship development—but this time the information is backed up by a report from the […]

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Dreamforce 09: Makes Social Marketing Automation Easy While Leveraging

Information regarding Salesforce Chatter flooded this year’s Dreamforce 2009, but there were some interesting partnership products, among them’s new social marketing automation tool. Simply named, Social Marketing Automation leverages’s Collaboration Cloud to nurture and score converted leads from social networking platforms. Genius prides itself on being one of the first to push “Sales […]

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Social Business Software Expands, Starting with Microsoft SharePoint

Today Jive Software, a producer of what it terms “Social Business Software,” launched an integration with Microsoft SharePoint—the first in a series, called Jive Connects, that it hopes will liberate content in server suites. After integration, Jive and SharePoint users will have a unified stream of content within both systems, and can also create content […]

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