Dreamforce 09: Genius.com Makes Social Marketing Automation Easy While Leveraging Salesforce.com

The GURL creator

The GURL creator

Information regarding Salesforce Chatter flooded this year’s Dreamforce 2009, but there were some interesting partnership products, among them Genius.com’s new social marketing automation tool.

Simply named, Social Marketing Automation leverages Salesforce.com’s Collaboration Cloud to nurture and score converted leads from social networking platforms. Genius prides itself on being one of the first to push “Sales 2.0,” or SaaS marketing automation tools, and for a while now their demand generation services have been popular on the Salesforce AppExchange. The new tool allows joint users of Genius.com and Salesforce.com to embed trackable links in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, and other social media to monitor leads and engage in live sales dialog.

The trackable links used for monitoring are the Genius URL shorteners (GURLS), which the company released earlier this past July as a tool for measuring the ROI of conversations happening in social media. Upon the official launch of the GURLs, Genius.com CEO and co-founder David Thompson took to the company’s blog, and state that they are a step toward structural overhaul within marketing automation, and an instrument for measuring the “cloudy” conversations, and then turning those conversations into deals. Furthermore, the GURLs allow for tracking conversations as they would any other campaign, but without inhibiting the stream in any way.

It’s a great concept, and a use of social media that goes beyond “interesting” and actually seems useful.

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