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The Cloud Challenge! RightNow Changes The SaaS CRM Game with New Prices & An Industry Contest

Today, RightNow Technologies made a big move in encouraging CRM users to take up cloud platforms with the RightNow Cloud Services Agreement (CSA)—a client-focused approach to solution licensing. The overarching goal is to eradicate the hidden costs, intense maintenance bills, and shelfware often involved in current SaaS contract, filling in gaps to make contract negotiation […]

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CRM for Everyone! Why Hotels Are in Need of Better CRM Programs

Earlier this month, CRM Magazine drew attention to the retail industry as one in need of more CRM; another such industry with room for CRM improvement is perhaps a less obvious one: hotels. There are 4.4 million hotel rooms in the United States, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), and that number […]

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After Vetting Multiple SaaS Solutions, PDI Chooses Veeva CRM

Plenty of recent studies indicate that more and more large enterprises are going to move to SaaS CRM and productivity solutions, and last week, PDI, Inc. was added to that list of companies making the leap. PDI provides sales and marketing support to US pharmaceutical companies, and will implement Veeva’s VBioPharma CRM Primary Care and […]

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CRM Companies Looking to Meet Market Demand For SaaS

As the economy continues to struggle and companies continue to look for ways to cut back on their budgets, SaaS Software has become an increasingly popular option for many struggling companies. As companies look to scale back on expenditures, software providers are providing the options that allow companies to do this. CRM providers are looking […]

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SaaS CRM Best Practices

A May 2008 report released by Forrester offers insight into the best possible ways for getting the best out of your SaaS CRM. SaaS CRM, as we all know by now, has made the leap from being in the fringes to becoming a mainstream player. Forrester choses to reiterate the fact for us and bases […]


Pros and Cons of Hosted CRM

With the prevalence of all the various CRM software solutions becoming available, it can be difficult to decide what’s right for your business. Do you know what the differences are between SaaS CRM, Hosted CRM, and Cloud CRM? Once upon a time, these were all considered different solutions. SaaS CRM software referred to the subscription […]

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Another Reaffirmation Of The SaaS Truth

A nation-wide survey conducted in England conducted on behalf of HTK as revealed that a huge 66% of SMEs are not happy with the procedures that they have in place for dealing with customers. The survey covered more than 200 SMBs. According to Cambridge-based research specialist, Analysys that carried out the survey a lot of […]

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