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Microsoft CRM Announces New Templates

Not even two weeks into September and Microsoft Dynamics has announced specialty accelerators for its CRM platform—there will soon be Education, Insurance, and Non-Profit templates—as well as a social networking accelerator. Using xRM, the new development platform for relationship-tracking applications, three new mission-centered Microsoft CRM templates were created: the Education and Insurance models are catered […]

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Results International Announces Virtual Media Commentator Capability

Results International recently announced its new “Virtual Media Commentators” feature. With this feature, visitors to a company’s site are greeted and can turn these prospective customers into actual sales. Virtual Media Commentator allows companies to customize the greeting that its site visitors will listen to. With this new technology, it should greatly encourage many visitors […]

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Amcom Selects TechExcel CRM Software

Amcom Software chose TechExcel as its CRM provider for its many customer service locations in Minnesota, New York, Florida, and Australia. With TechExcel CustomerWise, Amcom can provide improved customer service to its many loyal customers. Amcom Software provides its solution for thousands of organizations around the world in industries where communication is critical. Amcom decided […]

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Social CRM the Next Big Thing?

The growing popularity of major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has caught the attention of many CRM providers. What draws users to these sites could be extremely important in the design of future CRM applications. The ability to mirror these popular sites and create similar features could result in an extremely […]

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Mobile CRM Software – Is it too much?

All the continued technological innovations have made it much easier to use CRM Software. With all the continued improvements, CRM Software has become much more readily accessible and has simplified and automated many of the tedious processes which previously had consumed a lot of time. The introduction of mobile CRM has only made it easier […]

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How to Get Your Employees to Use New CRM Software

CRM Software continues its expansion as it reaches into industries which previously had little interaction with business software. As people continue to see the opportunities within CRM Software, it continues to draw in a larger customer base. With CRM Software, companies can be run more cost effectively and employee productivity could increase.   However, the […]

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SMB CRM Software Market Expects Continued Growth

Although the current dreadful economy continues to take its toll on many companies, there are glimpses of hope for software companies in the near future. As credit markets continue to thaw and the economy continues to recover, the upcoming period may be a crucial test to determine which companies succeed and which companies fail. There […]

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Twitter Catching on with CRM Companies.

As the social networking craze continues to attract a larger user base, businesses are beginning to catch on. recently announced a new CRM application tailored for Twitter, an increasingly popular micro-blogging social network site.  Salesforce’s new application should help facilitate customer service by providing another resource for customers with problems to turn to in […]

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What to look for in a CRM system?

CRM has grown in terms of its capabilities since the early days of the 90s. One important change has been the development of software that allows dialogue with the customer. The technology follows the thinking that customer feedback is a critical input to improve customer service. Some things that need to be considered when selecting […]

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Open Source CRM – An Economical Choice

As technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, these new technologies are forcing companies to keep up with competitors. As newer software offerings are introduced into the market, these new offerings threaten to give competitors the edge they may need to succeed in today’s worsening economy. It has become more and more essential for […]

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