Twitter Catching on with CRM Companies.

As the social networking craze continues to attract a larger user base, businesses are beginning to catch on. recently announced a new CRM application tailored for Twitter, an increasingly popular micro-blogging social network site.

 Salesforce’s new application should help facilitate customer service by providing another resource for customers with problems to turn to in order to solve any existing problems with their software or service. By providing companies with real-time updates on any “tweets” associated with their product or company, customer service or help desk agents can provide instant support to quickly remedy any situation that comes up.

The emergence of Twitter as a popular destination for customer support could lead many companies to follow in the footsteps of companies such as Comcast and Dell who have already chosen to adopt Salesforce’s new Twitter CRM application. Other CRM providers could also follow suit in developing their own CRM applications with features similar to Salesforce’s new Twitter application.

This could also become a golden opportunity for Twitter. If traffic to their site continues to grow and customers continue to use Twitter as a resource for their issues, Twitter could eventually build up their own application to sell to companies.

As social networking continues to grow and develop, companies will need to stay in tune with the latest trends in order to provide the best customer service and customer support in today’s rapidly changing society. Staying up to date with the latest trends and resources utilized by their customers could provide companies with an edge on their competitors while falling behind in these trends could lead to a disconnect between the company and its customers, forcing customers to eventually find other companies or solutions.

Although social networking is the current “hot” item in technology, things could change rather quickly. However, it would still be wise for CRM companies to take the popularity of social networking into consideration as they develop their new products. Failure to meet consumer needs could lead to disastrous consequences for companies.

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