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SugarCRM: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

SugarCRM, the popular cloud CRM vendor, launched a new UI for Sugar 6. Sugar 6 is one of SugarCRM’s open source applications. The UI redesign is focused on improving Sugar 6’s speed, search and reach with third party applications and mobile device integrations. SugarCRM wanted their SaaS application to work fast and operate as if […]

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SplendidCRM Moves toward The Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud

Another coup for the cloud: SplendidCRM announced this week that their latest version of Community Edition will run on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. SplendidCRM develops Microsoft-centric CRM solutions for open-source users, so the Azure connection is not entirely surprising. Splendid can be installed to run the database in SQL Azure with the web application […]

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Open Source CRM – An Economical Choice

As technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, these new technologies are forcing companies to keep up with competitors. As newer software offerings are introduced into the market, these new offerings threaten to give competitors the edge they may need to succeed in today’s worsening economy. It has become more and more essential for […]

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Open Source And CRM

Open source has significantly altered the tech landscape in that the space is now more open to new ideas and collaborative effort. The spread of open source has also made it easier for smaller companies to deploy technology for boosting business. The CRM business application space has also benefited from the competition that open source […]


Open Source CRM Gains Traction

Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), a self-styled “vendor-neutral consortium”, is based in San Francisco and its avowed mission is to generate awareness about and further the cause of interoperability between open products and their adoption. According to the findings of its 2007 Customer Forum Series, the key concern for customers and channel partners who are placing […]

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