Open Source CRM – An Economical Choice

As technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, these new technologies are forcing companies to keep up with competitors. As newer software offerings are introduced into the market, these new offerings threaten to give competitors the edge they may need to succeed in today’s worsening economy. It has become more and more essential for companies to pursue some type of business software in order to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing business environment. 

CRM Software is often a very popular choice for many companies, but the wide variety of options to choose from as well as the different pricing options make an already difficult decision in today’s economy even more difficult. The worsening economy has discouraged many companies from diverting funds to an investment which may in the long run benefit the business. However, with the current economic outlook so poor, many companies are delaying their implementation of a CRM Software platform in order to survive today. However, failing to implement the proper technology now can prove to be costly in the long run.As company budgets tighten, the need for an inexpensive CRM software solution becomes even more important. CRM Software packages that often carry high upfront costs are quickly eliminated leaving a limited selection of choices which may not necessarily meet the company’s requirements for an updated CRM platform. This may discourage companies from looking into other options that are capable of performing as well as the more expensive options at lower costs which often causes companies to fail to look at another potentially beneficial solution.

Open Source CRM can be the answer to many companies’ needs in today’s trying economy. It can allow companies to improve upon inefficient operations while providing features that can greatly improve employee morale. Also, the investment into an open source CRM platform is minimal as there are many free options available. Although Open Source CRM may not be 100% free, the investment made in the product is limited and can be quickly changed if it is found that the solution does not meet the company’s needs. This flexibility can allow a company to try different options at a low or no price. Although the functionality many not be as advanced as the more traditional CRM offerings, Open Source CRM is definitely catching up.

However, be aware that there are limitations to Open Source CRM offerings. With the lower price and flexibility comes some costs. Limited support is available to Open Source CRM Software which can be a problem for some companies. Also, functionality is not as advanced as the more expensive CRM counterparts. But, if your company can adjust to these minor limitations, Open Source CRM can provide the best rate of return for your business. For a cheap and efficient alternative to CRM Software, strongly consider adopting an Open Source Version.

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