Microsoft CRM Announces New Templates

Not even two weeks into September and Microsoft Dynamics has announced specialty accelerators for its CRM platform—there will soon be Education, Insurance, and Non-Profit templates—as well as a social networking accelerator.

Using xRM, the new development platform for relationship-tracking applications, three new mission-centered Microsoft CRM templates were created: the Education and Insurance models are catered to those industries, as is a Non-Profit model that is also intended to increase the efficiency of membership workflow within member-driven coalitions.

Another feather in the Microsoft CRM cap is the Twitter Accelerator, which is a medium for business professionals to monitor and analyze their customers’ conversations on social networking sites. Integrating Twitter, the accelerator offers a dashboard for real-time status updates. Additional social networks are to be introduced in future releases, but for now Microsoft CRM aims to boost users’ sales databases by connecting with micro-bloggers, thereby getting a handle on both customer insights and the people driving conversation.

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