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amoCRM is a brand new CRM system designed for small to medium sized
businesses. But what makes this new system so exciting and effective
isn’t its price, which is a bargain, but instead are its features.
amoCRM hit the market knowing that there are hundreds and hundreds of
other CRM systems out there, all saying that they do just as much as
the other big CRM competitors, for a much better price. But amoCRM
decided to promote themselves a little bit differently. Instead of
price, they stress the added features of their system, like a deals
management page and analytical tools that are accurate and easy to
interpret. They boast that their system does everything all those
other CRM systems do and more, for the same price or cheaper,
depending on the package each client chooses when their free trial is
up. This effectively allowed amoCRM to find its own niche in the CRM
market as a system designed with all the bells and whistles to help
even the smallest company improve their customer loyalty and retention

Whats different about amoCRM?

While amoCRM boasts a variety of features, both new and standard, it
still learned from feature-heavy predecessors and was able to avoid
what industry analysts call “feature creep.” As a result, amoCRM
isn’t bloated down by a cumbersome user interface, nor is it taxing
on system resources. The system is simple to navigate, even for those
that do not consider themselves to be “tech savvy,” and produces
fantastic results.

Now you can keep all your contacts, daily tasks, and deals still in
progress in one convenient location that can be accessed from anywhere
there is an internet connection.’s hosted system also
incorporates cloud computing technology as an added convenience for
its customers. This is the perfect way for salesmen and women who are
constantly on the move to always keep your client database up-to-date.
amoCRM has made returning to the office after a sales call to update a
file or contact on your client list a thing of the past. Now you can
do it from the lobby immediately after a meeting, while waiting for a
bus, at home, or virtually anywhere.

Contact Management Made Easy

Improving customer relationships, retention rates, and your
organizational skills, are all byproducts of the amoCRM system. Never
search through your giant rolodex or file cabinets again. amoCRM has
many different filtering options, so finding a client’s profile or
special promotion you’re running has never been easier. Also, the
analytics tools mentioned earlier can improve your business by
identifying exactly where, in your negotiation and selling process,
you are losing the most business, so you can fix it. It can also help
managers keep tabs on everyone by showing who handled which customer
or task, and when.

As a hosted solution, amoCRM brings a powerful combination of crm funcitonality, ease of use, and low cost. You can try amoCRM’s hosted solution free at

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