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Customer satisfaction paramount

Irrespective of its nature, whether inbound or outbound, internal or outsourced, onshore or offshore, a contact center is expected to not only provide customer service but also play an active role in supporting the company strategy. says: Yet, the contact center still faces challenges of its own, including high staff attrition, productivity issues and […]

NetSuite introduces new module for CRM+

NetSuite has released a new new Incentive Compensation add-on module for its CRM+ application. According to the On-demand software provider, this could well mean the end of forecasting based on Excel sheets.

Antebi moves from Microsoft

Oudi Antebi has joined Panorama Software as Vice President, Product Marketing and Business Strategy. Antebi’s portfolio will include product marketing as well as investments in BI and Proactive Business Management; he will be based in Seattle, Washington.

Aspect Software reports on customer satisfaction

Aspect Software Inc, and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates have released the results of the first Aspect Contact Center Saisfaction Index. The survey is a first of its kind and it reports on consumer experience vis-a-vis their expectations regarding their communications with contact centers in the US. “Contact center managers are constantly trying to assess […]

SIP useful in contact centers

SIP’s ability to facilitate interoperability and bring about standardization of protocols is of interest to industries and services, particularly the contact centers. says: That’s because contact centers are where the customer encounters all of the resources that make it easier to do business with your company. Go to: SIP Advances Contact Center Capabilities

Offline Vs online shopping

Even though online shopping offers several conveniences such as shopping from home, door delivery, and low prices, shoppers still frequent the conventional brick and mortar stores. One reason for this is the need for interacting with fellow human beings while making a purchase. crm2day says: The “humanizing” of a website can be quite expensive and […]

Online payment getting popular

Americans are turning to online bill payment in a big way and in the next five years 47 million U.S families will be utilizing online bill payment services. The majority of users are going to be young people at ease with technology. e-bill presentation and payment (EBPP) users will largely be comprised of Gen Y […]

BI tools for real-time information

With traditional decision making tools that rely on past data gleaned from various sources using a plethora of data mining tools, it is not possible to take decisions that will be as effective as those based on near-real time information. says: BI is now filling that gap with new analytical features plus the capability […]

Gaining and retaining customers

According to Don Peppers, it is more difficult for companies to get customers than to get business capital. He stated that it was important for businesses to achieve harmony between the current earnings and the customer value. says: He suggested that “return on customer” was an equation just like return on investment (ROI) and […]

The knowledge worker

Often, knowledge management is assumed to mean managing information when in fact it is much more than it. It is primarily the management of people, empowering them with the right kind of knowledge for executing tasks, spelling out the objectives and providing the right tools for achieving those objectives. A knowledge worker may not be […]