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The Internet impacts advertizing

The web has impacted marketing and advertising in a major way and the growth of broadband has brought more people within proximity of companies that have an online presence. The growth of broadband has also meant that the consumer can decide upon the time and extent to which he wishes to interact with a company […]

Customer Process Management

Customer Process Management is the process of integrating BPM and CRM technologies. The genesis of CPM can be traced to the efforts of companies to automate routine operational activities which led to the development of standalone BPM. However, integrating disparate automated functionalities was not sufficient if companies wished to keep up with the ever rising […]

ESA from SAP

SAP, which is one of the leading enterprise solutions providers, has released a technology blueprint referred to as the enterprise services architecture (ESA) that will enable companies to keep up with the changing trends in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. According to Adrian Chan, Senior Manager, SAP, businesses can use ESA as a […]

Oracle Fusion holds the key

Oracle has had a good second quarter, most of its costs are related to its acquistions, the number of subscribers for its software applications has risen by 36%. Income from subscriptions constitutes nearly half of the total sales. Subscriptions are a better deal than one-time purchases and the increase in number of subscribers implies that […]

CRM Best Practices

According to a report by Forrester Research, companies that are implementing practices such as high-level sponsorship and concentrating on improving end-user usability are succeeding in deploying CRM in the best possible manner. By following CRM best practices, several companies have registered an increase in revenues and obtained a higher ROI. says: The study results […]

Online stores pull in the shoppers

Advanced search functions in online stores go a long way in facilitating search for browsing prospective customers. Retailers are looking to add these and other meaningful tools to their online stores in order to enhance the shopping experience. Web analytics help retailers to learn from the shopping habits of their customers and allow them to […]

New version of Business One

SAP has launched a new version of its application Business One. The application integrates the operations of different functions such as sales, finance, purchase, inventory, and manufacturing. The latest version has greater compatibility with Microsoft Excel-based reporting tools and is also easier to install. Business One is ideal for SMBs that wish to meet compliance […]

NBOGroup shifts to Siebel CRM OnDemand

NBOGroup, which is based in Singapore, has made a smooth transition from to Siebel CRM OnDemand. NBOGroup is a leadership development, consulting, and training organization. The company chose Siebel as CRM OnDemand allows it to structure and name information fields according to the local requirements. says: “This powerful hosted CRM solution enables our […]

Siebel Business Analytics 7.8

The Siebel Business Analytics 7.8 is a significant new launch from Siebel Systems Inc. The latest version of this popular business analytics solution incorporates a number of predictive analytic solutions which results in an improvement in intelligent customer interactions. The new release also offers new enterprise BI platform products that provide increased functionality. Siebel considers […]

Egalitarian CRM

A major misconception is that only big enterprises require CRM; many small companies therefore lose out on the advantages they could otherwise avail if they were to focus on CRM. says: “The key is to create a culture of information sharing in order to improve the customer experience. No matter what size the company, […]