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What is Web Based CRM Software?

Web-based CRM software is the latest and most effective tool in the marketing world right now. Normal marketing campaigns just don’t cut it anymore. Vendors can miss out on a large portion of their revenue and customer base if they don’t understand or know anything about their customers. This is where web based CRM software […]

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Using Small Business CRM to Achieve Success

The overall goal of small business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is to find, attract, and win new clients with the hopes to retain the clients that a company already has. Additionally, organizations implementing small business CRM look to bring back former customers and reduce the costs of marketing and sales support activities. However, merely implementing […]

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Small Business CRM Solutions

Small businesses have much different needs than larger businesses and bustling organizations. Many small businesses have departments with only one person in each. Others are run only by one person and some are larger with several people doing different jobs. Small businesses have smaller budgets, needs and workforces. One thing that both small and large […]

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Top 5 Mobile CRM iPhone Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a very important part of the business process.  More and more companies are installing CRM systems to help them find more sales opportunities.  In this modern age, most business executives are frequently on the go.  Mobile CRM applications are increasing in popularity because it allows users to access the […]

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The Importance of Using a CRM System

Now, as customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are making their products more affordable and usable, even for the smallest companies, every company should have a CRM system. Almost all companies already do and they might not even know it! Any way of tracking customers, whether it is simply recording their email addresses or names, is […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Candy Company, the famous international candy manufacturer, was in need of a customer relationship management system so it decided to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the last decade, Jelly Belly has grown rapidly as it has expanded its product selection and number of offices. In 2007, it installed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

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Salesforce and Microsoft Battle It Out Over Patent Violations

Last week, Salesforce.com countersued Microsoft for patent-infringement. Microsoft sued Salesforce first, in May, over intellectual property infringement. These customer relationship management (CRM) competitors are battling it out over patent violations. Microsoft and Salesforce are both seeking an injuction and monetary compensation for the violations. Microsoft claims that Salesforce’s CRM software violates nine Microsoft patents. Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Accuses Customer Relationship Management Giant Salesforce.com of Infringing Nine Software Patents

Microsoft Corp. is suing Salesforce.com Inc with the accusation that the customer relationship management (CRM) giant has infringed nine patents for ways to make software more efficient. The complaint targets the customer-relationship management software that is the hallmark of Salesforce.com’s business. It seeks a court order that would prevent the San Francisco-based company from providing […]

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“Social CRM” Should be a Redundant Phrase

These days forward-looking companies build social networks into their core marketing strategies., but sometimes there is a disconnect between existing CRM systems and the rising tide of social networking engagements. Companies with closed-off CRM systems aren’t really doing CRM at all. Marketers put customer relationship management (CRM) systems as a primary resource to feed leads […]

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update CRM Inc Brings a Revolution in Cloud-Based CRM Solutions to the North American Life Sciences Market

update CRM Inc, a European CRM solutions innovator, has launched its new update.revolution CRM suite to North America. update.revolution is an advanced cloud-based enterprise-managed CRM service designed specifically for the sales organizations of all sized in the life sciences market. This includes biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. update.revolution was launched in Europe earlier this […]

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