Top 5 Mobile CRM iPhone Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a very important part of the business process.  More and more companies are installing CRM systems to help them find more sales opportunities.  In this modern age, most business executives are frequently on the go.  Mobile CRM applications are increasing in popularity because it allows users to access the CRM system away from their business computer.  Here are five of the best and most popular iPhone CRM mobile applications on the market right now.

1. Salesforce Mobile (FREE)

This CRM iPhone application is free for all users, but new users can test it out with a 30 day free trial. Get constant access to your Salesforce account with your iPhone and this application. Users can create, edit and delete capabilities on the app because it is completely customizable. There are also filter and search options to find important information quickly. Users can even view dashboards and log meeting details immediately onto their iPhone. mobile is not just a lite version of the popular CRM, rather it’s a full featured  Mobile CRM at the palm of your hands. Also on the horizon, is the release of Salesforce Touch, the powerful new mobile application designed specifically for touch devices. Check it out here

Key Features Include:

  • Instant Access dashboards
  • Account and Opportunity management
  • Real time activity management
  • Real time Reporting
  • Chatter Mobile
  • And more…

2. SugarCRM Mobile ($9.99)

With a SugarCRM account, you can download this application. SugarCRM iPhone app is customizable as users can configure list and edit views. Easily edit, add or delete records on this app. This is a convenient way to access your SugarCRM account. Easily view customer information and stay up to date on your customer relationship management system. The SugarCRM Mobile app lets users access their customer data, access reports, log calls, and it integrates with email marketing and mapping services.

3. Sales CRM EZ! (Basic: FREE; Pro: $9.99)

This award winning application lets sales managers track sales opportunities on their iPhones. This application produces realistic sales forecasts and current sales pipeline reports. Make sure you meet your deadlines with Sales CRM EZ! for iPhone because the app highlights overdue action and close dates in red. Even view historical sales or outstanding sales opportunities on your phone in addition to comprehensive dashboards.

4. 2Do CRM ($2.99)

This CRM iPhone application is unique because users can make their own CRM system or simply use 2Do’s CRM template. This app will help users organize their business better while collecting important customer information to ensure that the business is maximizing sales opportunities. There are task management, calendar syncing and contact organizing features. There is even a feature that lets users view clients or contacts on a map so meeting up is easier.

5. MS Dynamics CRM ($19.99)

This application requires a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online account. Users can easily manage contacts or contact related activities with this application. It has syncing, search and attachment abilities. Use the iPhone’s microphone and camera to easily record notes about customers or potential opportunities. All customer information is in one place so it is an easy way to manage customer relationships in an efficient manner.

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  1. David says:

    I found a fantastic app called “Rep It – Mobile CRM”.
    It can manage all my customers, and produce my run sheet each morning. Saves me so much time, cause i can email my run sheet off to my boss each night directly from the app, so i dont have to do any paperwork when i get home!! Even helps keep track of my expenses. GREAT APP!

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