update CRM Inc Brings a Revolution in Cloud-Based CRM Solutions to the North American Life Sciences Market

update CRM Inc, a European CRM solutions innovator, has launched its new update.revolution CRM suite to North America. update.revolution is an advanced cloud-based enterprise-managed CRM service designed specifically for the sales organizations of all sized in the life sciences market. This includes biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

update.revolution was launched in Europe earlier this year as an advanced customer relationship management technology deployed through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and implemented with update software’s unique strategic revolution methodology which provides each customer with ongoing industry expertise at no extra cost.

SaaS-based CRM solution, update.revolution, is hosted on the IBM cloud to provide life sciences companies with a cost-effective, hosted platform for managing the core of their revenue generation: sales. It requires no up-front investment and provides an all-inclusive ongoing development and consulting methodology that provides long-term cost predictability.

The update.revolution methodology begins with an in-depth assessment phase through which the update CRM Principal determines the customer’s goals using a proprietary computer-supported analytics system and specifies which industry processes and modular functions are required. This assessment helps ensure better results in adoption and compliance in the near term and protects the evolution of the platform in the long term as users get comfortable and information requirements grow.

update CRM’s SaaS model is available in three service levels: 90°, 180°, and 360°. Among other things, the service level selected influences the degree of customization and the frequency of the adaptation cycles in the ongoing enhancement. update CRM customers are not charged for costs associated with operation, maintenance, and support.

Typical provisioning results in a functional system up and running within 20 days, with additional functionality, modules and customizations made on an ongoing basis.

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