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A Peek at Things to Come: Salesforce.com Chatter for the Android

Android is quickly catching up to its competitors in the Applications arena. Salesforce.com’s has launched a Chatter Developer Challenge, and programmer Jeff Douglas has created a Chatter Android App. The Salesforce.com Chatter application for Android was built on the Force.com platform and uses Force.com Remote Access Applications with 3-legged OAuth for security. With the Salesforce.com […]

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Sybase unveils Mobility Platform: servers, applications, services for mobile CRM

Everyone wants to jump on the mobile space bandwagon in a world filled with users who use smartphones for personal and work purposes; Sybase is attempting to get ahead early in this growing trend. Last Thursday, Sybase unveiled its Mobility Platform, which is a comprehensive framework of mobility servers, mobile applications and services for the […]

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SugarCRM: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

SugarCRM, the popular cloud CRM vendor, launched a new UI for Sugar 6. Sugar 6 is one of SugarCRM’s open source applications. The UI redesign is focused on improving Sugar 6’s speed, search and reach with third party applications and mobile device integrations. SugarCRM wanted their SaaS application to work fast and operate as if […]

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Chatter about Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce.com, the customer relationship management (CRM) cloud computing company, announced the expansion of their social feature Chatter today. The application is embedded in their CRM platform and adds a social, collaborative element to the web-based CRM. Salesforce.com CEO, Mark Benioff, is following the Social CRM trend, by enhancing Chatter to have following options similar to […]

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iPad CRM? Seems Unlikely at Present

Oh, iPad! What will enterprise do with you? Will we see an outpouring of iPad CRM soon? Let’s take a look at the facts first… There’s always a surge of excitement when a new computer-like device is released. Laptops are now so ubiquitous it’s difficult to imagine a time without them—much less a time when […]

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Mobile CRM on your iPhone Today

Krawler Inc. announced some exciting news today for the Mobile CRM Industry. The company’s web-based application Deskera is now available for the Apple iPhone. Deskera’s slogan is: “better, faster, easier”, and with the new Mobile iDeskera CRM, they can now add ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ to that list. Taking Deskera mobile, extends usability and allows users […]

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Mobile CRM: MaxMobile CRM Gets A Boost with The Release of Maximizer CRM 11

Maximizer Software had a big day today, as they announced the latest version of their CRM platform, Maximizer CRM 11. And in a lot of ways, Maximizer’s news will have a big impact on the CRM market in general, considering their mobile CRM component is one of the crowning glories of CRM 11. Maximizer CRM […]

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Big News for iPhone CRM in 2010? We Hope So!

We like to spend a bit of time examining iPhone CRM trends here—and mobile CRM in general—and so we can’t end this week without taking a look at the week’s most-discussed item: Google’s Nexus One smartphone. Every time a new smartphone is released, questions arise as to whether or not it will be the mobile […]

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Mobile CRM Software – Is it too much?

All the continued technological innovations have made it much easier to use CRM Software. With all the continued improvements, CRM Software has become much more readily accessible and has simplified and automated many of the tedious processes which previously had consumed a lot of time. The introduction of mobile CRM has only made it easier […]

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Mobile CRM Implementation Tips

Advances in business technology have made it much harder to stay up to date with the most up to date features and applications for your company. With the wide number of options faced when implementing these newer, more “improved” applications, it is easy to get confused and may prevent companies from implementing newer solutions that […]

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