Mobile CRM: MaxMobile CRM Gets A Boost with The Release of Maximizer CRM 11

Maximizer Software had a big day today, as they announced the latest version of their CRM platform, Maximizer CRM 11. And in a lot of ways, Maximizer’s news will have a big impact on the CRM market in general, considering their mobile CRM component is one of the crowning glories of CRM 11.

Maximizer CRM 11 is going to be the first SMB-focused CRM offering with inclusive, all-access model-encompassing mobile, web, and desktop CRM access options. Developed with consideration for businesses that need to do more with less, and whose mobile forces are growing, the latest iteration of Maximizer CRM broadens their web access footprint with the addition of support for Firefox. In addition, the marketing, business performance management, and business intelligence tools have been improved.

Maximizer’s MaxMobile CRM application is most certainly not new, but the recent upgrades to it will likely make it hard for competitors to offer lesser mobile CRM components. MaxMobile CRM offers real-time access and editing and creation capabilities—a huge plus for mobile CRM—as well as complex mapping functions. Maximizer’s mobile CRM is only available for the RIM BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones, likely because they currently offer the best security when it comes to secure enterprise data.

But the big thing to come from this latest release isn’t the innovations to the mobile aspect: Maximizer is going to make waves with the excitement they’re throwing behind MaxMobile CRM. For one thing, the company’s website has just as much if not more information about mobile CRM than traditional, desktop-based CRM. Also, the fact that Maximizer gave MaxMobile CRM practically equal billing when announcing the release of Maximizer CRM 11—even though MaxMobile isn’t a new product—is a pretty big deal.

So how big a deal is it, exactly? Right now, given that the products were only announced, we can only speculate. But Maximizer has a lot of clout as a CRM provider for SMBs, so their products help maintain a certain standard in that segment of the CRM market. MaxMobile CRM might not be available for all smartphones (no iPhone CRM here), but the attention being paid to the product makes it impossible to ignore. Quite often, the buzz surrounding a product will only fuel the demand for it. And Maximizer has a good product to back up all the talk—it’s going to be hard for their competitors to offer anything less.

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