SugarCRM: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

SugarCRM, the popular cloud CRM vendor, launched a new UI for Sugar 6. Sugar 6 is one of SugarCRM’s open source applications. The UI redesign is focused on improving Sugar 6’s speed, search and reach with third party applications and mobile device integrations.

SugarCRM wanted their SaaS application to work fast and operate as if it worked on a desktop.

The new UI is formatted to optimize speed and create an experience similar to a social network. Here is a screenshot of Sugar’s homepage interface:

Sugar’s CRM platform also includes a new, global search feature. Search tools are crucial to optimize user experience and help sift through information regarding third party applications. SugarCRM is using an open-source engine, like Lucene, to strengthen its search tools.

SugarCRM has focused on improving the user experience, with their new SaaS updates.

In order to make Sugar 6 more user-friendly and accessible, SugarCRM is including a native application for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad. Here’s an iPad screenshot:

Application integration is a key focus of many social CRM platforms. SugarCRM is now integrated with LinkedIn, Hoovers and Jigsaw through cloud computing technology that connects third party applications. SugarCRM can also plug into Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel with Sugar Plug-Ins.

The features, plugins and integrations might seem overwhelming at the momemnt, but platforms like SugarCRM are working towards adding an analytics component to the search function. Soon custmers will be able to get all the relevant information they need anytime, anywhere, in one place. The future looks bright for SugarCRM users.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Sugar6 should be good news for the open source followers.Lucene/Solr should do well as a search engine.Also the application & cloud integration techniques can prove to be a major advancement in the technology.Recently I came across an interesting article sharing insights about cloud technology at

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