A Peek at Things to Come: Salesforce.com Chatter for the Android

Android is quickly catching up to its competitors in the Applications arena. Salesforce.com’s has launched a Chatter Developer Challenge, and programmer Jeff Douglas has created a Chatter Android App. The Salesforce.com Chatter application for Android was built on the Force.com platform and uses Force.com Remote Access Applications with 3-legged OAuth for security.

With the Salesforce.com Chatter Android Application, users can:

  • Display Chatter NewsFeed
  • Update Chatter Status
  • Store Chatter NewsFeed in local SQLite database
  • Customize a project or object that you are following and view its Chatter Feed
  • Store project Chatter Feed in local SQLite database

Jeff Douglas has also posted a video to show the functionality of the Salesforce.com Chatter Application for Android:

Salesforce.com Chatter Android Application

The Android Chatter application uses Google App Engine to tie the application together as a security model. The application uses OAuth to authorize access to Force.com and for access to Chatter feeds the application uses Force.com Remote Access Application.

For more information about the Salesforce.com Chatter Android Application by Jeff Douglas, visit: http://blog.jeffdouglas.com/2010/06/06/salesforce-chatter-for-android/#

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