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Succeed with Mobile CRM

The proliferation of mobile communication devices that are now much more than just telephones has interested application providers. Mobile CRM can help traveling executives take timely decisions and furnish advice to demanding customers without having to rely on a data being relayed from an office. Deploying a mobile CRM environment is a new experience for […]


Mobile CRM Still To Pick Up Speed

Efforts by companies to get their staff used to mobile CRM are running into an unexpected problem. Company people are not comfortable with the idea of using their mobile devices for complex business applications; they are happy using it to check emails and run not-so-sophisticated programs. Sales people apparently do not want to turn their […]


Succeed With Your Mobile CRM

As with most things in life, you succeed with mobile CRM when you keep it simple and do not fall into the trap of overt complexity. Mobile CRM helps companies achieve ROI on their CRM investments faster as it improves the efficiency of the field staff and frees more people to be on the field. […]