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Mobile CRM: MaxMobile CRM Gets A Boost with The Release of Maximizer CRM 11

Maximizer Software had a big day today, as they announced the latest version of their CRM platform, Maximizer CRM 11. And in a lot of ways, Maximizer’s news will have a big impact on the CRM market in general, considering their mobile CRM component is one of the crowning glories of CRM 11. Maximizer CRM […]

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Crackberry from Blackberry

SAP and RIM have come together in order to tap into each other competencies and in the process develop mobile CRM applications that can be made available to an increasing population carrying portable devices. Mobile professionals with the new “Crackberry” handheld device can access SAP software from anywhere in the world. SAP says that it […]

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iEnterprises Launches Mobile Edge Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

iEnterprises, a company into desktop and wireless CRM, has come out with the Mobile Edge Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The mobile application is a joint effort involving iEnterprises, RIM, and Microsoft. The click and run application is targeted at SMBs who are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live or partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM and would […]

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