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Krawler Inc. announced some exciting news today for the Mobile CRM Industry. The company’s web-based application Deskera is now available for the Apple iPhone. Deskera’s slogan is: “better, faster, easier”, and with the new Mobile iDeskera CRM, they can now add ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ to that list.

Taking Deskera mobile, extends usability and allows users anywhere access to and management of information. iDeskera’s CRM interface features tap, drag-and-drop functionality, and lets users customize reports and manage information; on the fly.

The mobile app also boasts the ability to manage multiple email accounts, and allows decision makers to implement customer-centric strategies for effective sales management.

CEO of Krawler, Shashank Dixit announced that by creating Deskera, the company was trying to correct the failure rates associated with CRM platforms. He explains that: “Deskera CRM redefines the user experience by providing spreadsheet simplicity for viewing, entering and updating information quickly and easily. Now iDeskera CRM for the iPhone extends that usability to one of the industry’s most popular mobile platforms.”

What sets iDeskera apart? Unlike other CRM platforms, iDeskera has an intuitive spreadsheet-style interface, which gives sales reps click-and-type simplicity for managing information.

iDeskera CRM’s launch is being announced in conjunction with the iteration of Deskera Spring 2010. The products kick-off the expansion of Krawler and their software as a SaaS suite in the US market. In addition to integrating into the US market, the company also plans on educating and supporting US-based resellers.

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