Zoho Mobile CRM for BlackBerry Released From Beta

Very soon, Zoho will take its BlackBerry CRM app out of private beta and make it publicly available, says Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna. An iPhone app will also follow within the coming weeks.

In the near future, Zoho plans to develop more in the way of mobile business software. The company plans to update its mobile CRM applications with features such as a GPS locator (say, for finding nearby contacts) and camera integration. However, in this first generation release, Zoho wanted to focus on core mobile CRM functionality.

This BlackBerry CRM app offers users the standard, though mobile-oriented, functionality offered in the online Zoho suite. Users can view, create, edit, and search across six modules: leads, contacts, accounts, potentials, task management, and events.

The search function is particularly useful, says Vegesna. Users can search for any records from their online account via the mobile app.

The mobile CRM app automatically syncs contact information between the device and the online application. Users can work with the mobile app even if the device is offline by storing CRM records locally. Whatever modifications or additions made offline are synced with online records when a network connection is restored.

However, as a brand-new release, the BlackBerry CRM is limited and incomplete. Only the thirty most recent records in each module are retrieved and stored in the device when the user logs in. New records are added every time the device is synced. Each module can only hold 500 records. There is only an “All View” in the View function, though Zoho says they will add support for other views. Also, there is not yet support for BlackBerry touch screen phones, though Zoho will figure out touch screen mobile support for the release of the iPhone app. The BlackBerry CRM app will be able to support BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 and above, but not the newest update, BlackBerry OS 6.

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