Zoho Launches Zoho Discussions

This week, Zoho launched Zoho Discussions, their new platform for creating public and private support forums for employees and customers to comments on a particular topic. Features include branding widgets, integrated chat, user profiles, SEO options, and “sticky” posts (which is a highlight a community moderator can award to a post that is especially good or important) just to name a few.

Zoho Discussion forums are completely customizable to represent a company’s brand, and the sheer number of options for customer service administration makes Discussions more than just another forum platform. Because Zoho has a history of making integrative products, speculations about integration possibilities are rising. ZDNet’s Dennis Howlett thinks Discussions will be a boon for ERP software, arguing that such a sophisticated forum application could provide the real-time information necessary to the alert systems driving transformational value between collaborative teams. Others see this new release as simply another step in stride—though a very accessible step, at that—with Zoho’s tradition of creating new products and add-ons to their existing goods. Whether Zoho Discussions’ ambitions turn out big or small, for now the platform will be a definite draw for the SMEs the startup tends to attract.


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