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SAP Launches Business ByDesign iPhone App

On Tuesday, SAP, the business intelligence and enterprise software provider, announced the launch of its first iPhone application. The iPhone app was developed to combine with SAP’s Business ByDesign. The most recent update of SAP’s Business ByDesign was released in July, 2010. The software was developed with small and medium sized business (SMBs) in mind. […]

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SAP & Sybase Go Mobile with CRM & Sales iPhone Application

SAP recently released a customer relationship management (CRM) sales data iPhone application so iPhone users can access their CRM data on the go. SAP, a business management software provider, recently acquired Sybase, a business intelligence analytics software provider. Sybase and SAP worked together to develop the latest iPhone app entitled the Sybase Mobile Sales & […]

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Zoho Mobile CRM for BlackBerry Released From Beta

Very soon, Zoho will take its BlackBerry CRM app out of private beta and make it publicly available, says Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna. An iPhone app will also follow within the coming weeks. In the near future, Zoho plans to develop more in the way of mobile business software. The company plans to update its […]

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