Another Social CRM Layer: Zoho Gets Facebook Connect

The relation between CRM and social media is a valuable one, and this week it continues to grow as Zoho integrates the ability to login with Facebook Connect.

Zoho’s online productivity suite is constantly innovating, and already allows users to use their Google, Google Apps, and Yahoo accounts to log into Zoho Apps—in fact, Zoho says that most of their users login from other applications to use their products. Facebook Connect likewise allows Zoho users to login using Facebook identification, link the two accounts, and even share documents with Facebook users that don’t have Zoho accounts. This sharing of information across application is a great start to CRM transcending the traditional platform with the help of social media, and something we’ll likely see more of with the proliferation of Social CRM.

Interestingly, Zoho has been aware of social media’s influence for a while. They’ve had their own Facebook application since 2007, which allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from within Facebook, and integrates with Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show for collaborative purposes. Zoho has always had a mind for the social and could find Facebook drives traffic their way—and indeed, with 400 million users, Facebook could be the crux of good Social CRM.

We’re always interested in Social CRM news here at blog CRM, and we’d like to mention here that the editors of have released a new vendor report: Top 10 Social CRM Vendors. For anyone interested in the segment, or looking for a good Social CRM solution, it’s a must read!

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