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Open Source ERP

Compiere is an Open Source ERP software application that has CRM software solutions integrated into it. It is a business solution suitable for SMBs.

Low-end CRM

Low-end CRM applications are beginning to offer increasingly sophisticated customization. This is helping them to maintain their position in an increasingly competitive market and provide a solution to companies that have complex business processes but their pockets are not deep enough to afford the enterprise-level solutions. The enterprise resource planning/CRM/e-commerce applications bundle from NetSuite has […]

SIP will help contact centers

SIP offers several advantages; it will facilitate interoperability between products, improve the management of real-time voice and video traffic and improve the accessibility of knowledge workers by enabling features like advanced find me/follow me. Contact centers stand to benefit a lot from the availability of these capabilities. The contact centers are the single most sensitive […]

Brand-building online

Marketing a company online in terms of tangible and measurable elements such as clicks, click-through rates, impressions, etc does not offer a complete picture as far as the brand is concerned. Even though analytics tools offered by companies such as Google enable marketing managers to track user behavior on their site, there is not much […]

india to the fore

According to a joint report by Nasscom and McKinsey, India could earn up to $ 60 billion in export revenues from IT and outsourcing by 2010. However, for this to happen, it is important that for this to happen, the country needs to invest in infrastructure and training personnel so that foreign companies can continue […]

Open Source is a genuine alternative

Open source offers the advantage of a freely available source code that can be modified by the public. It provides greater control to the end user and user licenses are not as expensive as those of proprietary models. CRM is one of the business applications that open source developers are targeting. The CRM applications market […]

Open source CRM written in Java – part 5

Centric CRM, whose version 3.1 is available for download, is an advanced open source CRM solution. The solution uses SSL and one-way encrypted passwords for excellent data security. Centric CRM can be scaled for large enterprises and offers speedy performance as it uses optimized SQL code, database connection pooling, object caching, process queuing, etc. Workflow […]

Open source CRM written in Java – part 4

Compiere is a free open source ERP software application that has CRM software solutions integrated into it. It offers an ideal solution to the CRM-related requirements of SMBs. Compiere includes several modules such as the core module consisting of payroll, inventory; advanced modules such as bar coding, bill of lading; web related modules such as […]

Open source CRM written in Java – part 3

hipergate is an open source CRM package written in Java. It is an exhaustive suite and includes sales automation, intranet, email marketing, bug tracking, webmail, file sharing, etc. It works with any 32-bit MS Windows operating system. It is available under the General Public License (GPL). Open For Business (OFBiz) is an open source suite […]

Open source CRM written in Java – part 2

openCRX is an open source CRM application written in Java. It is highly scalable, vendor neutral, and platform independent. It can work on any platform with a J2EE-compliant appserver. It supports database management systems such as MySQL, MaxDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc. The application comes with the openCRX source code, the UML models and […]