Open source CRM written in Java – part 5

Centric CRM, whose version 3.1 is available for download, is an advanced open source CRM solution. The solution uses SSL and one-way encrypted passwords for excellent data security. Centric CRM can be scaled for large enterprises and offers speedy performance as it uses optimized SQL code, database connection pooling, object caching, process queuing, etc. Workflow processes can be initiated using timers; thus, when an insertion, update, deletion, or selection occurs a customizable workflow process is automatically triggered. The application can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Sun, and FreeBSD.

CentraView offers an Open Source CBM software that includes Contact Management, SFA, and CRM. The application is available under the Open Software License v2.1. The CentraView Open Source Centralized Business Management software has a low cost of ownership and a highly scalable architecture. The software is built on the Enterprise Java (J2EE) platform and works well with open source technologies such as Linux (RedHat Enterprise and Fedora), Apache Tomcat, JBoss and MySQL.

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