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The mySAP CRM solution offers end-to-end support for customer-related processes. It integrates tasks across the domain including activities like fulfillment, shipping, etc. It gathers data on customers from all the sources that exist in the organization, this facilitates better decision making. The solution helps managers to act upon priorities and achieve business objectives.

IT in 2006

According to the IDC, in 2006 the IT industry will grow at 5.5% globally, down by 0.5% as compared to the growth rate of 6% in 2005. Growth will be driven by offering new products and services, testing new business models, and expanding into the emerging markets like India, Africa and China. says: While […]

Salesforce offerings

The enterprise edition of the Salesforce CRM solution offers customization and extension features, ease of integration with other systems in the company, quick deployment across the enterprise, workflow automation, etc. says: Some of the world’s largest companies — including ADP, AOL, and Honeywell — are Enterprise Edition users. Go to:

Siebel CRM OnDemand

Siebel CRM OnDemand is a low-risk and flexible hosted CRM solution developed by Siebel Systems. It is easy to deploy and offers a range of services. Its benefits include an improvement in pipeline management, improved efficiencies at contact centers, decision making based real-time data and therefore can be more in tune with the current scenario […]

Positive features of active RFID

RFID is changing and changing for the better, active tags are becoming easier to deploy on small items due to reduction in their size and cost. Gen 2 will enable reduced interference in the presence of multiple readers, interoperability between products, better read rates, authentication, etc. The tags will require less power and the “kill” […]

Best of breed solutions

Trying to understand the “best of breed” is not an easy endeavor especially considering that needs of enterprises within the same businesses may vary. CRM applications can be divided into large enterprise solutions, tools for the SMBs, and a hosted option. SAP and Siebel are by common consent considered to be the best choices for […]

Blogging your way to customers

A blog is a fairly recent but very popular tool to get people to listen to you and interact with them. A blogger has a very good chance to convert the audience into customers for his products and services. Thus, blogs are an addition to the number of channels that have existed so far for […]

Contact centers in a new avatar

The change in the role of contact centers is requiring altering the method in which the contact center employees function. Employees who have been working keeping customer service in mind are finding it difficult to adopt the idea of suggesting and recommending related products and services. The lack of experience in executing such responsibilities inculcates […]

CRM for SMBs

SMBs can now hope to try and get business from larger enterprises by leveraging the power of CRM. CRM applications offer the facility of easy customization and are feature-rich to enable SMBs to gather the information necessary for approaching big customers. says: At large companies, CRM input can be an intense process because multiple […]

Co-operative databases – Merits and demerits

The idea of a combined database is an appealing one for companies. A co-operative database that evolves from the merging of information held by businesses and direct marketers can ostensibly help companies to reach out to more people. A co-operative database can throw up patterns regarding consumer behavior and demographics that can be utilized advantageously […]