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Microsoft Drives CRM Success

Microsoft announced that the Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe BV (MCFE) Company was awarded with the Gartner CRM Excellence Award for Efficiency for its customer relationship management (CRM) project. MCFE, a Netherlands based company that manufactures, sells and distributes forklifts and corresponding parts, was able to streamline their order entry and processing, IT support requests, and […]

The Cloud Challenge! RightNow Changes The SaaS CRM Game with New Prices & An Industry Contest

Today, RightNow Technologies made a big move in encouraging CRM users to take up cloud platforms with the RightNow Cloud Services Agreement (CSA)—a client-focused approach to solution licensing. The overarching goal is to eradicate the hidden costs, intense maintenance bills, and shelfware often involved in current SaaS contract, filling in gaps to make contract negotiation […]

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Another Social CRM Layer: Zoho Gets Facebook Connect

The relation between CRM and social media is a valuable one, and this week it continues to grow as Zoho integrates the ability to login with Facebook Connect. Zoho’s online productivity suite is constantly innovating, and already allows users to use their Google, Google Apps, and Yahoo accounts to log into Zoho Apps—in fact, Zoho […]

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Business Apps Made Easy (Literally) with’s Visual Process Manager

Since last November’s Dreamforce convention, talk regarding has been largely about Salesforce Chatter, their enterprise social network and collaboration platform. But since the beginning of the New Year they’ve announced their Spring ’10 update, and more recently, the Visual Process Manager—these updates are naturally less flashy without the weight of a company conference, […]

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Spring Is Almost Here! Talks Spring ’10

Earlier this month, announced the 31st generation release that will bring new features to Sales Cloud 2, Service Cloud 2, and Spring ’10. Salesforce offers three releases a year, but this latest one will bring an entirely new user interface. There weren’t a large number of details given outside of the press release—we’ll […]

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CRM for Everyone! Why Hotels Are in Need of Better CRM Programs

Earlier this month, CRM Magazine drew attention to the retail industry as one in need of more CRM; another such industry with room for CRM improvement is perhaps a less obvious one: hotels. There are 4.4 million hotel rooms in the United States, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), and that number […]

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SugarCRM Had A Record 2009, & They’re Poised for A Great 2010

At last year’s Dreamforce, we saw just how aggressive SugarCRM could be when they staged a guerilla marketing attack. Well, it seems the open-source CRM provider is aggressive in all aspects of business, as they reported a record year in 2009. While the majority of companies struggled to bring in money—and stay afloat even—SugarCRM had […]


Google Fights Microsoft for Small Business Users, Acquires DocVerse

Looks like Google is determined to remain competitive in the small business CRM market, as today they announced they are closing an acquisition of DocVerse, a service facilitating collaboration around Microsoft Office documents. Given the number of small businesses managing CRM via free online applications, this could be big news. San Francisco-based DocVerse has previously […]

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Another Score for Small Business CRM: Zoho Reports Moves out of Beta

Today, Zoho announced the production release of Zoho Reports, their online reporting and business intelligence tool. Zoho CRM products are wholly web-based, and Zoho Reports emerges with a new pricing model and features after two years in beta. It was formerly known as Zoho DB, and it facilitates data analysis for database administrators and developers. […]

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SugarCRM Goes Commercial in The Enterprise Content Management Space

SugarCRM announced today that their partnership with KnowledgeTree and iNetProcess will take them to the commercial enterprise content management (ECM) space. SugarCRM is known as a leader in open-source CRM offerings, and KnowledgeTree is an ECM provider that focuses on affordable document management software (DMS); iNetProcess is a European provider of services around open source […]

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