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SugarCRM Reports Continued Record Growth

SugarCRM, an open source CRM provider, announced that it’s had continued record growth, as well as customer base and partnership expansion. The company has had a 50% annual growth rate in billings and an increase of 540 new customers in the second quarter of 2010. The initial SugarCRM application began as an open-source project on […]


vtiger Releases Open Source CRM Solution on Cloud

vtiger, an open source customer relationship management solutions provider, has released a cloud-based version of its application. vtiger CRM On Demand remains an open source solution; indeed, it’s the only truly open source cloud CRM solution available. While operating on the cloud, clients are able to customize or expand their own solution versions. Robert Redding, […]


SugarCRM Had A Record 2009, & They’re Poised for A Great 2010

At last year’s Dreamforce, we saw just how aggressive SugarCRM could be when they staged a guerilla marketing attack. Well, it seems the open-source CRM provider is aggressive in all aspects of business, as they reported a record year in 2009. While the majority of companies struggled to bring in money—and stay afloat even—SugarCRM had […]


SplendidCRM Moves toward The Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud

Another coup for the cloud: SplendidCRM announced this week that their latest version of Community Edition will run on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. SplendidCRM develops Microsoft-centric CRM solutions for open-source users, so the Azure connection is not entirely surprising. Splendid can be installed to run the database in SQL Azure with the web application […]

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In Favor of Open Source CRM

The idea of owning the code to your software, being able to tinker with it and customize it is a powerful motivator for most companies employing a self-respecting IT staff. Open Source offers a tantalizing promise of free/cheap software that can be personalized to your requirements. Simplicity is another advantage; sometimes companies are looking for […]


Zimbra for Zip Realty

Zip realty has picked the open-source, Yahoo-owned Zimbra, an e-mail, calendar and chat (instant messaging) client. The company chose Zimbra over other products including Google apps because of its open source architecture that will enable it to work smoothly with the existing applications that Zip Realty uses. The new messaging client is facilitating communication between […]


SugarCRM Hits The Road

SugarCRM has announced its CRM Acceleration World Tour which will commence in Atlanta on Thursday, April 10th and cover 15 cities across 10 continents. The tour will cover Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York City, Frankfurt, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. It is being sponsored by IBM and RIM. The objective of the CRM Acceleration sessions […]


Vtiger roars with CRM 5.0.4

Vtiger has released vtiger CRM 5.0.4. The new release comes feature-packed and with a number of improvements such as better security, upgraded UTF-8 support for foreign languages, email enhancements include SSL support and rich text mails, you can also export records selectively. The new product comes with a cool theme selected by the vtiger community, […]


Open Source And CRM

Open source has significantly altered the tech landscape in that the space is now more open to new ideas and collaborative effort. The spread of open source has also made it easier for smaller companies to deploy technology for boosting business. The CRM business application space has also benefited from the competition that open source […]


Open Source CRM Gains Traction

Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), a self-styled “vendor-neutral consortium”, is based in San Francisco and its avowed mission is to generate awareness about and further the cause of interoperability between open products and their adoption. According to the findings of its 2007 Customer Forum Series, the key concern for customers and channel partners who are placing […]

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